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Uniforms and Cabin Standards

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If you have a question or concern about Uniforms or Cabin Standards, contact a member of your LEC Uniform & Cabin Standards Committee. (If there isn't one in your council, contact the MEC Chair). It's important the the committee members hear from the membership because the MEC chair will take those comments management. Sometimes the Uniform & Cabin Standards Committee has a chance to preview a uniform piece before it is in use, and offer an opinion on a choice of pieces. They can also be the first contact for any Cabin issues you might have on the line.  Without your input the committee might not be representing your viewpoint!

Also, members should consider this committee as a resource for understanding exactly what is considered uniform compliant - they would love to hear from you with any of your questions or comments.  They should also be the first point of contact for any Cabin Standard issues i.e grooming, catering, and any other issues about the cabin. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Jason Ostrowski, Małe Chair
[email protected]

Open Chair - Female

Tonya Atkins