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When do you need a Union Rep?

When a manager requests that you meet with them, it is important to remember:

Ask the Manager if the meeting is about a disciplinary matter.

If the Manager says "yes," you are entitled to a minimum of 48 hours written notice.

Call the EDV AFA Hotline 855-4-EDV-AFA (855-433-8232) to obtain union representation.

Why should you have a union representative at the meeting? It is always good to have a second pairs of eyes and ears.  Union Reps are trained to keep the meeting focused, they will advocate for you if discipline results, and they will keep the information confidential. Not only that, having a rep with you can be a source of moral support. Don’t go into a meeting unprepared.  Protect your rights through proper representation.

Filing a Grievance

Why Does Management Continue to Violate the Contract?

This is a question often asked of our leadership. The answer is simple. Violations need to be grieved. If violations go un-challenged, they will be repeated. AFA is member-driven. In other words, every member shares in the responsibility to be part of the solution to the problem.

Let’s take the example of the ever-so-common complaint that Crew Scheduling is not processing your trip trades within 48 hours.

You want to file a grievance - what do you do?

A) Tell your captain on your next trip that your contract is being violated 

B) Post your problem on social media - see how many “likes” you can get 

C) Call or email a Grievance Rep and tell them you want to file a grievance

If you answered “C” you are correct! Here are the steps:

Step 1)Call or email one of the Grievance Reps and tell them you want to file a grievance. Be specific:

Instead of saying: 

“My trip trade was not processed within 48 hours” 

Say this: 

“I submitted a trip trade at 5:25 on 2/20/13 to pick up trip M9545/10 from open time, and I did not receive a response until 7:30 on 2/25/13. I would like to file a grievance.”

Your Rep will initiate the process on your behalf including paperwork. Besides the specific details of the contract violation, the Rep will also need to obtain the Flight Attendant’s name, employee number, phone, and email. Remember deadlines apply so do not waste any time.

Step 2) Once the Rep has collected all the information, they will initiate the Grievance Form using the online Grievance Ticketing System that all Grievance Reps have access to.

Step 3) Grievance Chair will complete the form by assigning it a unique identifying number and file it with the company. 

Step 4) The grievance is then placed on the agenda for the next monthly Grievance Hearing (unless it is within a week and in that case it is scheduled for the following month).

Your Rep will guide you through the entire process! It’s easy to file a grievance but we do need you to bring the facts forward and get the ball rolling. The grievance process is how we hold the company accountable to the contract.

Below is a list of Grievance Reps. The LEC Chair is in Bold. Please reach out to them if you need a Grievance Rep.

Duties & Responsibilities

Endeavor MEC

Judy McParland, MEC Grievance Co-Chair
Austin Gates, MEC Grievance Co-Chair

Council 45 JFK/LGA  

Judy McParland, LEC Chair - [email protected] 
Laura Dal Monte - [email protected] 
Marco Perez - [email protected] 

Council 46 DTW  

Daphne Lee - [email protected] 
Cristal Franklin - [email protected] 
Oscar Ochomogo - [email protected] 
Alex Parr - [email protected] 

Council 48 CVG/MSP  

Sheri Hendrickson, LEC Chair  - [email protected]
Thomas Burton - [email protected]
Tim Evenson - [email protected]
Trina Johnson - [email protected]
Cathy Crane - [email protected]
Michael Zych - [email protected]

Council 49 ATL  
Austin Gates, LEC Co-Chair - [email protected] 
Nathaniel Heide Co-Chair- [email protected] 
Billy Hennessey - [email protected] 
Ivette Rosado