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The Hotel Committee is committed to seeing that our flight attendants have adequate rest facilities while on layovers. This committee works closely with the ALPA Hotel Committee, as obviously, it is a common cause. The MEC Chair meets regularly with the Company (and the ALPA Chair) in order to receive updates on new properties and discuss problem ones. It's important that you direct your general concerns and questions to your LEC Committee, so that that information can be passed on to the MEC Chair. 

If you have a complaint or comment about a Hotel, do TWO things:

  1. Write a detailed report and send to the AFA Hotel Committee at [email protected]
  2. Submit an official ticket using the Crew Care website that has been set up by the company that handles our hotel business. You can reach Crew Care HERE.

It's important to keep AFA in the loop on your hotel issues, so that we can advocate for you and help to ensure that required follow up takes place. Conversely, it's important that you don't skip reporting it to Crew Care, so that the company cannot claim that our complaints are undocumented.

Duties & Responsibilities

MEC Chair
Candice Oglesby
[email protected]

Samantha Mendelsohn