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Take action to end the Delta Disparity Difference

Today is the Delta Air Lines virtual shareholder meeting. With Delta’s revenue last year totaling more than United, American, Southwest, and Alaska airlines combined, management thinks they have plenty to brag about. But the reality is, they should be ashamed.

As Endeavor Flight Attendants, we are invaluable to Delta Air Line’s success. Yet, we are not treated that way. It would cost Delta management less than half a percent of their operating revenue to pay Endeavor Flight Attendants the same as mainline Flight Attendants. The $20 million bonus CEO Ed Bastian got for “Steering the airline through COVID” would have covered almost the entire difference in pay for Endeavor Flight Attendants. Despite this, we’re still left behind.

We demand an end to the Delta Disparity Difference that has made it so hard for so many of us to make ends meet. We work on the same branded planes, fly the same routes, and provide the same service. It’s time Delta management treats us the same way.

Today, we’re showing Ed Bastian and Delta shareholders that we will fight for our careers and respect for all of aviation’s first responders. Here are three actions to join us to help end tiers in aviation:

  1. Sign the petition to end the Delta Disparity Difference, if you haven’t already. Add your name to our open letter to Ed Bastian to demand an end to their unfair system.
  2. Share your story. Use this form at the bottom of this page to share how the Delta Disparity Difference impacts you.
  3. Share our virtual picket signs on social media. Download the signs or share our posts on social media to help spread the word.

Endeavor management only began negotiating with us after we turned up public awareness about the Delta Disparity Difference. And we’ll work to address as many issues with Endeavor management as we can, but we know the real decision makers on our pay and every aspect of our lives at Endeavor is ultimately Delta management.

The virtual shareholder meeting is the perfect time for us to increase pressure. Sign the petition,share your story, and share our virtual picket signs now.