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Air Safety, Health and Security

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Air Safety, Health and Security


  • What Does This Committee Do?
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    Specific duties and responsibilities:

    • Acts in an advisory role to the LEC Officers on safety matters.
    • Studies local air safety and health problems and prepares recommendations to be presented to the LEC Officers for consideration.
    • Reviews material, handles correspondence, and keeps the local members well informed of current safety developments. Provides information to the Communications Committee for inclusion in Local Council communications.
    • Attends management debriefings when safety related issues are discussed.


Why Would I Contact This Committee?

The ASHSC is available to help you with:

  • Concerns or reports of safety, health, or security hazards onboard the aircraft and in other work locations.
  • Obtaining resources and information from the AFA International Air Safety, Health, & Security Department.
  • Questions about the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP).

Who Do I Contact?

For assistance, contact any member of your Local ASHS Committee.  You can find a list of Committee Members on your Local Council Committees page.  For your convenience, a list of Committee Chairs and links to the Local Committee lists are below.


LEC 49 ATL - Chair 

Elizabeth Mullins, MEC Chair/ERC Member
[email protected]

LEC 48 CVG/MSP - Co Chair 

Beth Wendroth, ASAP Primary/Fatigue Review Board Representative

[email protected]


Daphne Lee

[email protected]





Fume Event Form HERE.

For more information Fume Events Click HERE.

Click picture to view training.





The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA fights exclusively to improve conditions that affect the safety, health and security of flight attendants. The AFA-CWA Air Safety, Health and Security Department (ASHSD) provides full-time staff support in Washington, DC for the AFA-CWA Safety Committee chairs and members and is responsible for solving problems that cannot be solved at the carrier level.

We encourage you to contact the ASHS committee with any questions or concerns related to safety, health, and security.


For more information on how to don and use the UPK on an aircraft, please view the video here.

It has always been approved to use gloves for picking up trays and trash. Gloves may be used for addressing medical emergencies. However, if you are in a situation on the airplane where you feel the use of gloves is necessary to protect your safety, use them. Once complete, use the method of glove removal recommended by the CDC for removing personal protective equipment.



To view more information on what AFA International is doing for ASHS, click HERE.