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As we mentioned in the Bid update for August, the Endeavor AFA Scheduling Committee is meeting with the company to provide feedback on the types of pairings we would like. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the process of working with Crew Planning.

In order to get a better idea on what you want, we have created a short survey of 14 questions to provide us with a framework to begin our discussions with the company. Please ask that you please complete the survey by July 25th at noon. Thank you for your participation in this to help us potentially provide better trips for everyone!!

Fill out the survey here.

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The AFA Scheduling Committee has heard many concerns from Flight Attendants about the intense pairings that we have been forced to fly in June and July. AFA’s Scheduling Committee recently met with Crew Planning to discuss helping build the pairings and how we can make them more Flight Attendant friendly. OUR VOICES HAVE BEEN HEARD!

Based on what we proposed as suggestions to Crew planning and Discussions during the Pairing Solutions meeting, management has told us that the following is what you can expect to see in August:

• There will be a line average for all four bases of 80 hours.
• There will no longer be 30 hour layovers for any aircraft.
• There will be 5 day trips, but the majority wil be commutable trips.
• There will no longer be Canadian layovers on the 200, and no YOW layovers on the 900. CDO’s remain strong for August.

The biggest thing that management has agreed to do to help improve the quality of the pairings is to reduce our duty day to 13 hours from 13:30–14 hours. The benefit will be to reduce the amount of 6 leg days (although there will still be some of them) and there should be an overall reduction in those difficult 200 pairings we have been seeing recently. Because of this reduction, it will increase rest when you do have a longer day. All rest will be set to 9:30 hours, so there will be no reduction in rest for the Flight Attendant group.

In addition to all of this AFA has learned that we have lost 7 CRJ 200 aircraft this month and gained 3 CRJ 900 aircraft.

The Endeavor AFA Scheduling Committee encourages you to keep the communication lines open and to let us know how August pairings look so that we can keep working with the company to try to help build the best solution for all of us.

Please remember the information provided by the Scheduling Committee is usually a week old and is subject to change, due to crew planning searching for the best possible pairings.


A recent runoff election was conducted for Local Executive Council (LEC) 45. We are pleased to announce your officers:

Marilyn Drew - LEC President (mdrew@edvafa.org)
Benigna Rios - LEC Vice President (brios@edvafa.org)

Currently, there is no secretary in Council 45 and per the AFA Constitution and ByLaws, the Vice President fulfills those duties. Recently, the Endeavor MEC voted that Local Executive Council (LEC) 45 will include LGA and JFK. Please congratulate your new officers. Soon you will receive communications from your new officers requesting volunteers for the various committees at Council 45. This is ***YOUR*** Council and it is up to you to help it become a success!!

The Education and Training Committee met with the Inflight Training Department to discuss the upcoming 2014 Inflight Recurrent Training. The program has been revamped for 2014. Some of the changes have been to include more group participation, less slide show and LMS. As usual, much of the material is what you should already know, but we found the new layout to be much improved.

We want to remind you to keep the following in mind when you attend IRT:

* Be sure to read the "Welcome to 2014 Inflight Recurrent Training" memo completely. You can read it online or the copy placed in your v-file. The memo has all the information you need for recurrent.
* Know all the policies and procedures.
* Come to training prepared by completing all the LMS modules before your class date.
* Emergency evacuation drills are not being graded this year, however, you will be evaluated and are expected to know the commands and facilitate an evacuation properly

If you have any questions, feel free to email Dawn Hall, MEC Committee Chair at dhall@edvafa.org or Ed Brylowski at ebrylowski@edvafa.org


If you are not receiving a decision on your trip trade submissions within 48 hours, we need to know about it! The company continues to violate the CBA in this regard and it is unacceptable. Be included in the list of affected flight attendants.

Use this form to report the specific details of your case.

The company posted an Integrated Seniority List on October 3, 2013. Our contract allows for any errors to the list to be corrected. The process is to contact the company and AFA within 30 days of the posting of the Integrated Seniority List. If there is a error on your seniority date, email Frank.Slocum@endeavorair.com and AFA at info@edvafa.org. In the email, ensure that you include name, base, employee number, correct seniority date and incorrect seniority date and the reason you believe it is incorrect. You can view the ISL on your AFA website under the resources tab. View it here.

What does Employee Assistance Program and Professional Standards mean to you?

Your EAP/ProStan Representatives are trained to confidentially assist you with managing the life emergencies we encounter from time to time. From lending an un-judging ear to facilitating counseling needs or simply directing you through the process of paperwork for a leave of absence, your EAP/ProStan Committee is your support team. We are also available to assist with workstyle issues within the flight attendant group.

Manage Conflicts with the assistance of your AFA Professional Standards Committee

Don’t write your co-worker up!

Your Union’s Professional Standards Program is designed to empower you to address workplace conflicts either directly or through an AFA Professional Standards Representative. It is also designed to provide you with an avenue of resolution that is completely separate from the reporting and investigative process that occurs when conflicts are reported to management. The EAP Pro-Stan Committee can help in facilitating conflict resolution between co-workers without the threat of company discipline. Our goal is to address issues before a flight attendant is in job jeopardy.

When you use the company “Hot Line” as a source for co-worker resolution you activate the company’s disciplinary and investigative process. You expose yourself to undesirable pressure from management and peer scrutiny. Most importantly – You may subject your co-worker to unnecessary discipline up to and including potential job jeopardy. When Crew Resource Management tools are not working, Don’t write it up! Contact your Professional Standards Committee for a win-win resolution.

Through AFA’s Professional Standards Services, you can contact your local Professional Standards Representative and confidentially share a problem or concern about your co-worker. Together, you and your local Professional Standards Representative will come up with an action plan that makes best sense for you and your concerns. Your identity and information will remain confidential, unless of course you give your AFA Professional Standards Committee permission to share it.

So if you’d like someone to listen to your concerns and to help you develop an action plan that makes sense and is managed by you, give us a call. Don’t write your co-worker up! Remember, we’ll always be exposed to conflicts. How we choose to manage conflict is one of the truest measures of our character.

Confidentially Assisting co-workers and their families with today’s issues…
**Kt Jacobs, MEC Chair**
EAP and Professional Standards Committee

Jay Cox, LEC Chair
A complete list of EAP reps and their contact information can be found here.


All local councils are recruiting committee members! Please contact your LEC President if you are interested in serving on a committee:
[ More info on each committee ]
  • Grievance
  • Scheduling
  • Air Safety, Health, & Security
  • Hotel
  • Jumpseat
  • Uniform
  • Communications
  • EAP / Pro-Stan


There is one number to call when you need a union rep. No matter where you are based, whether you are Pinnacle, pre-merger Mesaba, or Colgan, there is one number you need to put in your phone! You will have the opportunity to leave a message detailing what your situation is and what your needs are, and your case will be routed to the appropriate party, who will return your call.

Call 855-4-EDV-AFA


We’ve seen the repeated complaints about payroll problems and we know this is an issue that needs immediate attention. We need to document these issues and track them in order to seek resolution. You shouldn’t have to wonder every month if your pay will be right – or spend hours trying to fix it. We will move to address this issue with details and our legal team needs your reports. While we collect specific details on the issue and analyze the problem, it will still be necessary to address individual payroll issues using the company’s current procedures. Only now, you are not alone in this. Your union stands with you. Follow these steps if you have an issue with your paycheck:

  1. The company’s process is that you first fill out an online payroll discrepancy report.
  2. At the same time, provide AFA with the details related to your payroll discrepancies. Please send all details regarding your case to info@edvafa.org. Please include the word "payroll" in the subject line of the email.
  3. Keep us advised until the problem is fixed and let us know if you need an officer to step in and assist you with getting resolution.

Armed with the data we receive, we will be better positioned to fight – not only for you in the short term – but also to address the more global issue of the monumental scope of the repeated occurrences. We will not allow management to disperse this issue throughout the system by pawning off the issue with each manager. AFA will track, trend and seek universal solutions.