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MEC Officer Election Results

The Endeavor AFA MEC met yesterday by conference call to elect MEC Officers for the new the new term starting January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2019. We are pleased to announce the following Flight Attendants were elected to a new term:

Jatawne Wells - MEC President Kerry Huebbers - MEC Vice President Thomas Burton - MEC Secretary - Treasurer

Please read the official minutes here.


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Recently, management made a revision to our FAM requiring Flight Attendants to switch cabin positions each work day. As Endeavor Flight Attendants know this has not been the rule. We have always exercised our seniority to bid our position on the aircraft, and, if we wished, maintained that position for the entire trip. Not only is this change a Contract violation, but strikes at the heart of our seniority.

Because of the FAM change AFA has filed an MEC Grievance today (#36–099–02–26–16). We would like management to reverse this decision and not require switching, so that individual Flight Attendants may themselves choose how to use their seniority.

Endeavor Flight Attendants with some seniority will remember our seniority integration fights with Pinnacle back in 2012. We had to assert our right under the McCaskill-Bond Law for fair and equitable seniority integration. Ultimately management was forced to concede that Flight Attendants through their Union (not management) owned seniority, and had the right and authority to integrate seniority. We have filed this grievance because seniority is everything in the airline industry.

We need your help to get out the word that this is a bad idea. We don’t want management dictating our seniority or eroding our seniority. Watch for more information on this seniority issue.


After three months of meetings, financial analysis, and negotiations, your MEC has come to an agreement with management (Letter of Agreement 7) for Flight Attendant contractual improvements as a result of the pilot LOA 71. A detailed explanation of the deal follows this summary introduction. Flight Attendants will gain:
• 2.75% Raises Beginning June 1
• Part Time Flight Attendants Restored to 6-day Schedule
• Reserve Early Release (similar to pilots)
• Alternate Deadhead (same as pilots)
• Reserve Commute During Call-out (same as pilots)

Most significant is the raise, which completely restores the wage freeze we gave in bankruptcy. The number one focus of the MEC was to gain real dollars for Flight Attendants, and this deal achieves our “real dollars” goal. The following will be our new wage table:
Stacks Image 2977
Also significantly, we did not give any concessions to achieve our gains – we did not have to “lessen” any work rules or benefits. The only allowance we made to management was that we would not stand in the way of contractual improvements for the dispatchers group (more on this, below). We still keep our LOA 5 bankruptcy protections for any future give-backs to the pilot group.

The MEC has already thanked the AFA leaders and staff who worked hard on this deal: our Union provided the resources necessary to obtain good and fair contractual improvements. In addition, the MEC would like to thank Endeavor management for cordial and cooperative discussions. Management provided us full access to information, and stretched to get us a fair deal.

Most importantly, the MEC wishes to thank our members. One of the reasons we were able to obtain this result was that management was acutely aware that Flight Attendants were unhappy. We showed our solidarity by wearing our union pins and making our voices heard. Thank you, members!


The following information will provide Flight Attendants with information about how AFA came to the deal and how that deal is valued. The details of LOA 7 are provided in the following section. And, if Flight Attendants wish to review the full LOA 7 it can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Our Bankruptcy Protections

During the Pinnacle bankruptcy in 2012 all employee groups were forced to take concessions to keep the Company airborne. Unionized employees (Flight Attendants, Pilots, and Dispatchers) were able to vote on their concessions, and received certain protections in return.

Ultimately, Flight Attendants gave $19.38 million in concessions over the term of the concessionary agreement. In return Flight Attendants received a general unsecured claim with the bankruptcy court in the same amount (this claim was disbursed to eligible Flight Attendants last year). In addition, Flight Attendants received “me too” protections. These protections assured us that if other unionized employee groups receive concessionary give-backs Flight Attendants are also due give-backs in proportion to the original concessions. Both the bankruptcy claim and “me too” protections are memorialized in our Letter of Agreement (LOA) 5.

The terms of the Pilots’ bankruptcy concessionary agreement were very similar to our LOA 5. However, Pilots gave significantly greater concessions: $138.558 million. This is seven (7) times the amount of Flight Attendant concessions. Therefore, for each dollar (100 cents) of “labor cost savings” that the Company gives back to Pilots, Flight Attendants are due about 14 cents. This is because LOA 5 returns our concessions only in proportion to what we gave. It is not a dollar-for-dollar return.

The Value of Pilot LOA 71

Flight Attendants are aware that on December 15, 2015, the Company entered into an agreement with ALPA, Letter of Agreement (LOA) 71, which provided significant concessionary give-backs to pilots. We met with upper management in early January about LOA 71, and specifically requested concessionary give-backs to Flight Attendants. Early on, we had broad agreement from management that Flight Attendants were due give-backs as a result of LOA 71. However, we differed regarding the amount of and basis for concessionary returns.

Critical to determining what Flight Attendants were due was correctly valuing LOA 71. For the better part of the three months the AFA Research Department and Legal Department reviewed internal confidential information and documentation from Endeavor (subject to non-disclosure agreements) to assist in generating projections and verifying data.

The following items in LOA 71 were evaluated for cost/benefit to the Company:
• First Officer Pay Increase
• OE Pairings Withheld
• 5% Open Time
• Maximum Line Range at 85%
• Report Times
• Increased Vacation Accrual
• 100% Deadhead Pay
• Broken Trips Hotel Pay
• Parking Stipend
• Build-up to Bid
• Increase of Retention/Signing Bonus

Flight Attendants can view the valuation findings of our Research Department (Theresa O’Donnal, Senior Research Manager) on the linked spreadsheet by clicking HERE. In sum, AFA determined that Flight Attendants’ proportional share of LOA 71 give-backs was, on average, $827K per year (2016–2018) – one-seventh of AFA’s determined value of Pilot give-backs.

AFA received a high degree of cooperation with management throughout the valuation process, and we are confident in the integrity of the underlying data. As a result, our independent valuation of the Pilot deal was very close to management’s valuation.

However, there is one key issue we could not agree upon: whether the Pilot retention and signing bonuses are “labor cost savings,” which must be included in the valuation of the Pilot deal. The Company’s position is that those bonuses are required to retain Pilots, and that they are not really “give-back” for which they owe Flight Attendants in-kind. We of course, believe that is a ridiculous position. Nevertheless, when you take out the costing of the Pilot retention/signing bonuses, there is over a $600K difference between AFA’s valuation and Endeavor’s valuation.

Reaching Agreement

Despite the initial gap between AFA and management’s positions, we worked to attempt to find common ground and cost various concessionary items. The MEC looked at all the major “real dollar” items that we gave in bankruptcy. Those three items were: wage freeze, deadhead pay, and holiday pay. After costing those three items it was clear that approximately $800K per year would only buy one full item, but returning the wage freeze was the biggest slice of the pie.

At the end, we were able to move the Company to return the wage freeze to Flight Attendants, because, in part, it was the right thing to do. The value of LOA 7 for Flight Attendants is $710K per year (on average) over three years (2016–2017). The entire $710K is in the 2.75% wage increase. All the other items are no-cost items, meaning that management did not “charge” us any cost for any of those items. They were willing to give us those items, in part, to get a deal.

Why did the MEC agree to this deal? The biggest reason was that AFA could not leave over $700K per year, plus the other items, on the table. The only other option would have been to pursue the issue in arbitration, and the risks were not worth the possible gain.

While it is possible that we could have gained an extra $117K per year if we pursed a grievance to arbitration, there are many things we would have lost. First, we would not be entitled to Reserve Early Release, Alternate Deadhead, and Reserve Commute During Call-out, because these are not items we gave up in bankruptcy. Second, we would lose the benefit of receiving the raises and other items today. A grievance would take at least a year to conclude, significantly delaying any return. Third, a complete “win” in arbitration does not mean we would get an additional $117K in raises. Our bankruptcy protections do not specify how we get back our concessions. That would be subject to an arbitrator’s decision. It would be entirely possible that the “money” we won would not go to additional wages or benefits. An arbitrator could rule that our share of give-back should go toward restoration of less desirable items, such as “pay-no credit” for training or the lunch break. While some of those items would be fine to have back, they do not result in any financial gain for Flight Attendants. Agreeing to this deal allowed us to assure our “real dollars” goal- putting money into Flight Attendants’ pockets.

Finally, the MEC, with the advice of the AFA Legal Department, had to assess the risk that a grievance and arbitration would actually result in less money for Flight Attendants. In that scenario the Company would surely argue that the retention/signing bonuses (over $600K in value per year) should not be considered by the arbitrator in determining what Flight Attendants were owed from the Pilot deal. Although AFA believed we had a strong case, there was always the possibility that we could have lost $400K over the current deal.

Moreover, our LOA 7 has value beyond the specific dollars. Some of the no-cost items will result in real quality-of-life improvements for certain Flight Attendants. And, most importantly, putting all the money into our base rates sets us up for better success negotiating wage increases when our Contract is up for negotiations – it is easier to negotiate from a higher amount. The MEC is very happy that we could get a good deal for Flight Attendants.


Again, the full Letter of Agreement 7 may be viewed by clicking HERE. What follows is additional information, which may help Flight Attendants understand the new provisions.

2.75% Raises

We’re getting back our wage freeze! Flight Attendants should make sure they read the wage table correctly. Do not simply read straight across to see your hourly rate for 2017 and 2018 – you’ll be shorting yourself a whole step increase!
Stacks Image 2975
How do I read this wage table?

EXAMPLE 1 - (Highlighted in Yellow) As of June 1, 2016 I have completed more than 5 years of service. On June 1, 2016 my hourly rate of pay will increase to $26.53 an hour. My anniversary date is October 1, 2016 and I will then have completed 6 years of service and my hourly rate will increase to $27.50 an hour. On January 1, 2017 I will get another increase to $27.84.

EXAMPLE 2 - (Highlighted in Blue) I have not yet completed 1 year of service as of June 1, 2016. My hourly rate will be $17.47 an hour. I complete by 1 year on November 1, 2016 and my hourly rate will be $21.44 an hour. On January 1, 2017 my hourly rate will increase again to $21.71 an hour.

Part Time Flight Attendants Restored to 6-day Schedule

As of the June bid month Part Time Flight Attendants’ schedules will be returned to 6 days. The MEC was very happy to get a concessionary return for Part Timers. About half of our Part Timers gave up health insurance benefits during the bankruptcy, so this is a much-deserved quality-of-life restoration.

Reserve Early Release
Reserve Flight Attendants will now be released early on their last day of their block of reserve days before a day off: P1 at 1400 and P2 at 1900. This applies to Airport Reserves, as well. Please be aware that Crew Scheduling may still place an assignment on your schedule after your early release time, up to your original scheduled release time. Therefore, Reserves who are early released are still responsible for assignments placed on their schedule, and you should check your schedule by noon Central the day following your early release to check for any assignments.

Also note that AFA and the Company still need to draft language to determine what will happen in the situation where Reserves return from a flight assignment on their last reserve day: whether they may be held at the airport, given an Airport Reserve assignment, be returned to Home Reserve, or shall be released. The outcome of this language will be determined by the resolution of Grievance No. 36–99–02–20–15, which was arbitrated just last week. We expect an award in the next 3–6 months. Until such time, the Company will continue present practice.

Alternate Deadhead

We have the same deadhead home (“Alternate Deadhead”) requirements as the Pilots. Flight Attendants will be able to replace the last deadhead leg of their trip with positive space travel to an airport within 70 miles of his/her home of record, provided that:
• sales are authorized at the time of booking
• routing does not pass through his/her domicile
• routing does not exceed the deadhead segments scheduled, and
• the deadhead home departs on the same day as the original deadhead.

Requests for Alternate Deadhead must be received by Crew Scheduling by 1700 on the 24th of the month prior to the deadhead leg appearing on your schedule.

Call Out for Reserves

Good news for Reserve commuters:  on your first day of reserve you no longer are required to be in base prior to your contact period (P1 or P2).  Now you will be able to commute in during the first two (2) hours of your contact period.  For example, if you are on P2 your first block of reserve days, your commuting flight must be scheduled to arrive in base prior to noon, local time, because this is your earliest possible report time for an assignment on Home Reserve.  However, you must still follow the Company’s “Call-In Honest Policy,” plus notify Crew Scheduling before and after your commuting flight.

This Call Out provision will be implemented for the June bid month.  Reserve commuters interested in utilizing call out commuting should read LOA 7 carefully and look for a management memorandum in May detailing the procedures and consequences of utilizing this provision.

“Me Too” Waivers

In LOA 7 we waived various portions of our bankruptcy protections for fair and practical purposes. We “waived” our protections for any further claims against the Pilot LOA 71 – we have put that issue to rest. However, we still have our bankruptcy protections going forward for any further give-backs that the Pilots might receive.

We determined that out of labor fairness and solidarity that we would waive our bankruptcy protections for any concessionary give-backs to the Dispatchers (TWU). This is because the Dispatchers have still not received any concessionary returns (nothing from the last Pilot deal). They are a very small group, and we did not wish to stand in the way of any improvements they can achieve.


Please feel free to email any questions regarding LOA 7 to info@edvafa.org. Your MEC wants to hear your questions. Questions may be answered on an individual basis, or, depending upon the volume of questions, another FAQ communication may be released in the next week. Again, we thank you for your support!



The 2015 Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) International Board of Directors (BOD) meeting will take place this year May 23 –24 in Atlanta, Georgia. All members of the BOD are required to attend. The Board of Directors is comprised of all Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents (voting members) and all Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers (ex-officio members) of all airlines represented by AFA-CWA. The Master Executive Council President is a member of the Executive Board.

AFA-CWA Constitution and By-Laws require all LECs to hold membership meetings to discuss advance agenda items that have been brought forward. The purpose of the meeting is to get feedback from members on how they would like their LEC President to vote on the agenda items. This is an important democratic process for members. Review the 2016 BOD Agenda and Advance Agenda Items HERE.

Council 45 JFK/LGA Base Meeting May 12, 2016

Local 45 will be having a base meeting on May 12, 2016 from 11–3pm at the Hampton Inn JFK. Come join us!

Location: Hampton Inn JFK
144–10 135th Ave
South Ozone Park, NY 11436

Phone: 718–322–7500

Council 46 DTW Base Meeting May 13, 2016

We will be holding an AFA Council 46 Meeting on Friday May 13th, from 0900am - 1100pm. All members are welcome.

Place: Courtyard Detroit Metro Airport Romulus
30653 Flynn Drive
Romulus, Michigan 48174

Phone: 734–721–3200

A complimentary airport shuttle is available as well as free parking.

Council 48 MSP Base Meeting May 11, 2016

Council 48 MSP will be holding a Base Meeting on Wednesday May 11th from 1000 - 1200. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend.

Place: Crown Plaza MSP airport Mall of America
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN 55425

Phone: 652–854–9000


The Endeavor AFA MEC will be meeting on April 13 & 14 in Detroit. The MEC will be rotating their meetings in the bases and Detroit was selected as the first meeting location. April 13 will be a meeting of the MEC. April 14 will be a meeting with the MEC and all the MEC Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice Chairs. We encourage all members in good standing to attend. The Agenda will be posted through an eline and the union website 15 days prior to the meeting. Please bid those days off if you would like to attend.

The Courtyard by Marriott 30653 Flynn Dr, Romulus, MI 48174 734–721–3200

Free airport shuttle and free parking

Meeting Times
April 13 - 0900 - 1700 April 14 - 0900 - 1500

You may review the agenda HERE.


On March 15, we sent out information that MEC President Rebecca Reiners had resigned. The AFA MEC wanted you to know that we are still working to strongly represent you. We wanted to clarify the transition of the MEC Officers and what their current roles will be for the next 60 days. Jatawne Wells is now the Acting MEC President while still being the MEC VP until a new MECP is elected. Thomas Burton is still the MEC Secretary-Treasurer. We apologize for any confusion the previous eline may have made, however, we wanted to make sure that you know that we have leadership in place, along with the LECPs, to continue advocating for all the Flight Attendants at Endeavor Air.


After a year and a half of negotiations, LOA 6 was signed in the Fall of 2015. This brought some much needed changes to our Reserve Language. February 10th is a significant date for our Reserve Flight Attendants. This is when you will be able to begin bidding Reserve Preferences for March. These Preferences have been noted in recent elines, Memos and v-file information distributed by AFA and management. All the information on LOA 6 can be found HERE on our website.

During March Bidding, Subject Matter Experts (SME) will be in the crew rooms to assist Flight Attendants with these new bidding preferences and with PBS Crew Room Help. We encourage you to seek advice from one of the SMEs on the new preferences available. Remember that if you do not choose preferences, default preferences will be made for you. All preferences are based on your individual seniority. Make sure that you stop in any base crew room for help.

February 11 - 14 - Help Available
Time: 0800 - 17000
Where: LGA, JFK, DTW, & MSP

Additional questions or concerns can be made to your LECP or contact your Reserve Committee in your base.

LGA/JFK: Kweshon Alexander
DTW: Natalie Leahey, Daphne Lee
MSP: Anne Baldwin, Lori Humphrey, Ellie Wasson

December 11, 2015

Dear Fellow Endeavor Flight Attendants,

Yesterday your MEC was made aware that ALPA was about to reach an agreement with the Company to receive significant concessionary give-backs to pilots. We anticipate that ALPA will make an announcement soon regarding their deal. We have not seen all the details of the deal, but know that it includes real money for pilots, including increased retention payments and additional premium pay.

Needless to say we are angry and disappointed that the Company has made a decision to enrich our pilot group without any prior communication with AFA Leadership.

Today I met with Endeavor CEO Ryan Gumm and COO John Daly about the pending deal with ALPA. I expressed AFA’s disappointment with how the Company has proceeded with the pilots, leaving Flight Attendants in the dark. However, more importantly, I wanted to know when and how Flight Attendants would receive additional concessionary returns to match the pilots. Ryan and John were apologetic to Flight Attendants. In addition, we received a commitment from them to meet with AFA within the next few weeks to discuss additional contractual improvements for Flight Attendants.

Flight Attendants should know that our LOA 5 (bankruptcy concessionary protections) is still in force. The settlement of the previous LOA 5 grievance for the initial pilot retention payments did not affect those continuing protections. A grievance will be filed should discussions with the Company on resolving this new pilot give-back prove unsatisfactory.

We understand this news is a blow to Flight Attendants. At the end of the day AFA can never guarantee that the Company will do the right thing. All we can guarantee is that we will fight for Flight Attendants and protect our contract. If we’re in for a fight we only ask that Flight Attendants show your support of your Union and wear your AFA pin. We will update Flight Attendants as soon as we meet with management.

In Solidarity,

Rebecca Reiners
Master Executive Council President, AFA-Endeavor


The AFA MEC and Endeavor Air are pleased to announce that they have agreed to Letter of Agreement (LOA 6), which will implement electronic real-time trip trades (FLICA) and a new reserve assignment process with transparency. This LOA is a mutually-beneficial agreement to bring the Flight Attendant trip trading system in-line with the Pilots and to clarify and resolve many ambiguities and disputes with the reserve CBA language.

Some of the highlights of the agreement include:

FLICA (Open Time Manager)
• Real-time processing of full trip trades.
• Current “manual” processing of partial trip trades within 48 hours is retained.
• Elimination of CDO lineholder 2–2 drop limitations.

Reserve Language Changes
• Preference Bidding - First Out, Last Out, Airport Reserve, and CDO.
• Reserve Availability Periods - P1 and P2 (similar to Pilots).
• Reserve Transparency

The LOA is fairly complex, and AFA and management are beginning work on a comprehensive Flight Attendant communication detailing the new FLICA trading system and reserve system changes. The full FLICA system and reserve changes have a six-month testing and implementation time line. Certain features/changes may be rolled-out earlier. AFA will have representatives in Crew Scheduling during the implementation phase to help assure a consistent and smooth implementation of the changes.

AFA is committed to getting Flight Attendants detailed information regarding FLICA and reserve changes by October 1, 2015.

The MEC unanimously approved this agreement and would like to take the opportunity to thank all the hard work of the Negotiations Committee: Rebecca Reiners, Tammy Brandys, Jason Ostrowski, and Laura Walker. Assisting the Negotiations Committee was Peter Swanson, AFA Staff Attorney, and Suzanne Balzer, AFA Staff Negotiator. Their hard work and dedication made this agreement possible.

Fly Safe and We are Stronger Together, Better Together!


In a joint communication with Endeavor Air, we announced today that the AFA MEC has settled the Letter of Agreement (LOA) 5 Grievance that was originally filed on March 19, 2014 due to the Pilot Retention Bonus Program.

The MEC had agreed to send this matter to arbitration, which was scheduled for September. We are pleased that we were able to improve two of the most-critical monetary items for Flight Attendants: vacation and per diem. Gaining certain improvements today was critical in the decision to settle the grievance, rather than begin the long and uncertain road through arbitration.

The settlement is outlined below:

Elimination of Unpaid Vacation Week
We are pleased that we will no longer have Unpaid Vacation. We will now be paid for any unpaid Vacation time in 2015 and starting 1/1/2016, Unpaid vacation will be a thing of the past!

How will this work? Anyone that has taken or will take an Unpaid Vacation this year (2015) will receive payment for those hours in December 2015. Next year (2016), we will bid for vacation as we did before bankruptcy and no one will have Unpaid Vacation. We will working with the Company in the coming months to determine exactly how and when the December vacation payment will be accomplished. Rest assured, the payment will be prior to Christmas.

Per Diem
Per Diem was affected in Bankruptcy, currently our per diem (Section 18.C.2) is scheduled to increase on January 1, 2016 to $1.65 per hour for the remainder of the contract. This settlement increased per diem on January 1, 2016 to $1.70 per hour for the remainder of the contract.

Bereavement Leave
Starting 9/1/2015, No loss of pay will result from taking 3 days Bereavement Leave. Currently, you lose hours based on awarded credit hours unless you drop below guarantee.

Jury Duty Leave
Starting 9/1/2015, No loss of pay will result from Jury Duty Leave. Currently, you lose hours based on awarded credit hours unless it will drop you below guarantee.

Report Times
In Bankruptcy, we made a change to report times from 1 hour to 45 minutes. This was something that we were given credit for in bankruptcy. Recently, we have been holding firm on retaining the 45 minutes, only because we wanted back additional concessions (like vacation and per diem).

The contract will be amended as follows:

a. Section 6 G.1. shall be revised to return Flight Attendant report time, and the commencement of duty, in domicile to sixty (60) minutes prior to first schedule departure of the day.
b. Section 6 G.2. shall be revised to modify Flight Attendant report time, and commencement of duty, away from domicile to forty-five (45) minutes prior to first scheduled departure of the day.
c. Section 6 I. shall be revised to modify Flight Attendant report time, and commencement of duty, in an international destination, to forty-five (45) minutes prior to departure time.
d. The Company and Association, through their respective Hotel Committee designees, agree to meet and confer no later than thirty (30) days prior to the implementation of the new report times outlined above to review the impact on flight attendant schedules and hotel transportation.

These report times will not be implemented any earlier than the October 2015 bid and management will notify AFA 30 days prior to implementation for discussions. This change in report times represents a net gain for Flight Attendants, as per diem will begin earlier. In addition, it does not reduce legal rest under our Contract.


Pay Rate Snapback Coming

During Bankruptcy, one of the major items we did not want to touch was our pay rates. We were pleased that we didn’t have to do that, however, we did take a one year pay freeze. In essence we are all a step behind where we should be.

Starting on January 1, 2016, we will revert back to where we should be. The Snapback will occur on January 16, 2016. This will mean that everyone that was hired before January 16, 2013 will go back to their original pay step. For a better illustration of this, go to the wage illustrator on our website. You can view it here.


This LOA 5 grievance settlement does not affect the current negotiations underway with management. Your Negotiations Committee is continuing to discuss issues unrelated to the LOA 5 grievance, such as reserves and electronic trip trading.

Stacks Image 2687


AFA - CWA Flight Attendants held informational pickets all over the country to Bridge The Gap on pay and work rule inequities. This was done to highlight the fact that Regional Flight Attendants do the same job for 40% less pay and work rules that are not even close to the same as Legacy Carriers.

Sara Nelson, AFA-CWA International President, stated "The airline industry is raking in billions, at the expense of workers on the frontlines of Regional Airlines,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson. “The three major U.S. carriers are pocketing a portion of their profit by promoting wage inequality. It’s the same brand, the same passengers buying tickets but the pay for aviation’s first responders is a fraction of that for crew on mainline flights. Flight Attendants know undercutting pay for any Flight Attendant puts in jeopardy the standards for all Flight Attendants.”

Flight Attendants, Pilots, and family members showed up at our bases, along with Spirit Airlines, United Airlines and Representatives from CWA, to show management that we want change to happen to afford us the same work rules and similar pay as the Legacy Carriers.

Thank you to all that came out today in LGA, DTW and MSP to picket and to help us Bridge the Gap!!

We are conducting a System-Wide Day of Action informational picket with Flight Attendants throughout the industry and at airports across the country on June 16, 2015. Be a part of sending a powerful message to the negotiating table at all airlines: We are united for our careers and ready to lift standards across the industry.

If one Flight Attendant is mistreated, all are in jeopardy of being mistreated. We must work together in solidarity to support each other and achieve better pay and benefits for all Flight Attendants. Regional carriers bridge the gap between big cities and small towns and provide 40% of the passengers that mainline airlines transport to larger airports around the world. Without their contributions, mainline airlines would not enjoy the profits they do today, which fund the higher wages and better work rules at those carriers.

Bridging the Gap simply means ending the discriminatory wage and work rule policies that Flight Attendants at regional carriers face and raising their pay in line with mainline flight attendants. We are all aviation’s first responders, ensuring passenger’s health, safety and security. All Flight Attendants deserve to be treated and paid equally.

Major informational picketing will take place in LGA, DTW, and MSP from 1100 to 1200 local time at each location. Mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend, proudly wearing your uniform and AFA pin. Management needs to see that we are united and resolute in our demand for equal pay for equal work.

To reserve your place on the picket line and or ask questions about the event, email our AFA Bridge the Gap Chair Ed Brylowski, ebrylowski@edvafa.org.

Bring your family and friends to join us on the Picket Line. The more folks we have the bigger the voice.

Where do I meet?

LGA (Council 45) - Meet at Dunkin Donuts Area Food Court, Central Terminal B, AA Departures, upper lever near D Concourse 1045. We will be joining with Envoy Airlines during the informational picketing event. Water and Treats will be provided.

DTW (Council 46) - Meet at Departures at the opposite end of the Westin between 1030 - 1045. Water and treats will be provided.

MSP (Council 48) - Please meet at the Lindbergh Terminal, Departure Level Gold Ramp side between 1015 - 1030.Water and Treats will be provided.

Power in Numbers!! Together we can make a difference.


In a recent eline from Rebecca Reiners, MEC President, she indicated that our dues were being increased to the CWA average of $50.00. We, as an MEC, wanted to clarify this information for you. 

AFA merged with CWA in February of 2004. Part of the merger agreement was that the “AFA dues structure shall be determined by the AFA Board of Directors and shall be equal to the average monthly dues of CWA members.” This provision can be found in the AFA Constitution and Bylaws under AFA-CWA Merger Agreement starting on page 148. The average CWA dues are now 50.00 per month per member. Per our agreement with CWA, our dues had to go to $50.00 in order to be compliant with the provision in the merger agreement.

There were several Scenarios (four in total) made to the Board of Directors by the Budget Committee. One of these scenarios would have raised dues to as much as $53.00. All the other scenarios included the $2.00 increase as mandated by the AFA-CWA Merger Agreement.

There was a motion on the floor of the Board to raise the dues to $51.00. Per our Constitution, that requires a 2/3 vote of the Board. When this went to a vote, it passed by a show of hands. A Delegate from Endeavor Air called a Roll Call vote. This allows the Board to vote based on the number of members in their council. Your Endeavor Air Delegates did a unit vote (where we vote as a block) to indicate that we were not willing to go above the CWA average of $50.00. The roll call indicated that the motion failed to garner the needed 2/3 votes. We continued discussion on the Scenarios and finally, we approved a budget with only the required increase in dues to 50.00 This was the proposal that the Budget Committee thought would be the best one for our union. Your Endeavor Air MEC spoke out against any increase above the CWA average as did other airlines that are in concessionary agreements. We felt that any increase above this would be a considerable hardship to us as Endeavor Air Flight Attendants. 

AFA is our union and as members of this union, we must ensure that it is financially sound. We have lots of work to do: Bridge the Gap, Fight Fatigue, Stop Fast Track, Negotiate changes to our contract, Arbitrations, Grievances, and much more. Know that this was a difficult decision to make. We understand that there are many Flight Attendants that struggle daily to make ends meet. We stood as a group against any additional increases.


AFA International has named June 16 as a Day of Action for our Bridge the Gap campaign. All airlines across the country will be holding an informational picket to bring attention to the 40% wage gap between regional Flight Attendants and mainline Flight Attendants. Major airlines meanwhile, are profiting from this wage inequality. And regional carriers continue demands for cuts from employees in order to bid on the mainline service. It is a greed-driven cycle and regional flight attendants are feeling the impact.

This is not about mainline flight attendant vs regional flight attendant, or regional vs. regional flight attendant. This campaign is about working together in solidarity to support each other in our common goal of improving pay and benefits for all Flight Attendants! It is about demanding equal pay from mainline carrier managements and getting our fair share in the profits of mainline carriers!

If you are ready to: End the Discrimination in Pay and Benefits in Aviation! If you are saying: Enough is Enough! If you think we need: Equal Pay for Equal Work!

We need you and your fellow Endeavor Air Flight Attendants to join together on June 16 to demonstrate to management that we intend to Bridge the Gap in regional flight attendant pay and benefits. We will be sending out detailed information regarding the time and location for this demonstration and need everyone’s participation in order to be effective.

Bid June 16 off and join us at your Local Airport for this historic event.


The following is what Flight Attendants can expect to see in June based upon our monthly Pairing Solutions meeting with management:

For the month of June, the line averages for each base are 83 hours. There will be some 24 hour layovers with no specific layover cities given and they will be on the CRJ 900. We will have 5-day trips for the 900 AC only with the majority of them being JFK/LGA base. With the continued reduction of CRJ 200s, there will also be a reduction in the amount four day pairings. However there will be an increase of three day trips. There will be a decrease in deadheads and aircraft swaps for both the 200 and 900 AC.

For those Flight attendants who love CDOs, it is clear that the numbers are going down on the 200 and this trend will continue until all CRJ 200s are gone. However, the 900 aircraft will see an increase in CDO lines.

BIDDING TIP - There were a few Flight Attendants who have been bidding in the standing bid scope. Please make sure when you scroll down that you choose FA. Also make sure if you are on the verge of reserve or having a line that you bid in both bid scopes.

Please remember the information provided by the Scheduling Committee is usually a week old and is subject to change, due to crew planning searching for the best possible pairings. Please make sure to verify this information through the bid packets.


To show Solidarity with our union and within Endeavor air, we are asking everyone to put on their AFA pin and wear it with pride. We would like to post pictures of our Flying Partners wearing their pin. If you don't have a pin, please contact your LEC President for a pin. Send your picture of you with your AFA pin on to info@edvafa.org and we will post it to our Website.
Stacks Image 2775

On March 30th and 31st, leaders from our MEC attended AFA’s Regional Airline Summit held in Washington DC. The AFA Regional Airlines in attendance were:
• Air Wisconsin
• Compass Airlines
• Endeavor Air
• Envoy
• Horizon Air
• Mesa Airlines
• Piedmont
The AFA hosted Summit included IAM-represented Regional Carriers, Commutair and ExpressJet.

The summit was the first of its kind for AFA and demonstrates the commitment that our International Office has to the Flight Attendants at the Regional level. The summit was was an opportunity to identify issues, such as pay inequity, work rules, pass travel, and other common issues. This is the first step to lifting the pay inequity of our Regional carriers.

The MEC would like to thank AFA International President Sara Nelson and AFA International Vice President Deb Sutor for this great opportunity to begin to strategize solutions with other regional airlines. It was also the kick off to the #BridgeTheGap Campaign. This campaign will be a major initiative to put pressure on all airlines to lift pay and benefits for all First Responders. Sara has made Bridging The Gap a key concern of her presidency.

“The airline industry is raking in billions, at the expense of workers on the frontlines of Regional Airlines,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson. “The three major U.S. carriers are pocketing a portion of their profit by promoting wage inequality. It’s the same brand, the same passengers buying tickets but the pay for aviation’s first responders is a fraction of that for crew on mainline flights. Flight Attendants know undercutting pay for any Flight Attendant puts in jeopardy the standards for all Flight Attendants.”

As a kickoff to the #BridgeTheGap campaign, on March 31st, Endeavor Air Officers joined AFA and IAM Leaders to picket the B and C Terminals at Washington Reagan National Airport in solidarity to protest for fair and equitable pay for all Flight Attendants, operating flights under the three major airline brands.

This is just the first of many protests planned across the country. To keep yourself informed on future events, make sure that you like the Endeavor Air AFA Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @EndeavorAFA and always look for the hashtag #BridgeTheGap. We will keep you posted through Elines and our website on when the next event will be in which you will be able to participate. In the meantime, put your AFA pin on and proudly wear it to show that you support #BridgeTheGap and your fellow First Responders.


• Vice President - Flora Mainor
• Secretary - Catherine Zapata

Flora and Catherine will join LEC President Marilyn Drew working with the Flight Attendants in LEC 45 JFK/LGA.

Certified Council 45 Election results can be found here.

The following is what Flight Attendants can expect to see in April based upon our monthly Pairing Solutions meeting with management:

The line averages for MSP, LGA, JFK and DTW are 83 hours. There will be no VLOA for April. There will be very few (under 12) 24 hour layovers this month with no one city being targeted. We will have fewer 5 day trips with the majority being NY based and commutable. There are no 5 day trips on the 200 this month.

There has been a reduction in CDO lines (especially on the 200) for April. The request has been made for DTW/MSP bases to increase 2 and 3 day trips and crew planning has done so with the focus being on the 900 aircraft. In addition, we have lost 3 CRJ 200 aircrafts this month and have not gained CRJ 900 aircraft.

With the loss of more 200 aircraft, the flying and productivity of the 200 flying has dramatically decreased. Management has informed us that, unfortunately, it is going to get worse before the all the 200s are parked. What this means for us as Flight Attendants is that some of the 200 flying we can’t do has shifted to the 900 so we will see an increase in the amount of legs. If you are a Flight Attendant who likes a 4 leg day at most then we would suggest bidding to “avoid legs greater than 4”.

Please remember the information provided by the Scheduling Committee is usually a week old and is subject to change, due to crew planning searching for the best possible pairings. Please make sure to verify this information through the bid packets.

Please note the next time PBS HELP is available is in April 2015.

The AFA Membership Services Department processes all Membership Applications, maintains the membership database, oversees the dues delinquency process and administers all balloting procedures. This department is located at the AFA-CWA International Office in Washington, DC.

Section 21 of the AFA Endeavor contract outlines the requirements and process for payment of Union dues. Please refer to this section for rules specific to Endeavor.

Dues Payment Methods:

There are four basic methods by which you may pay your dues:

1. Payroll Deduction – This is the easiest and best way to pay your dues. When using this method you must complete a Dues Check Off (DCO) form which authorizes Endeavor management to deduct the appropriate amount of dues from each paycheck. It is important to remember that AFA does not deduct the dues from your paycheck, this is management’s responsibility. Once management has made the deduction they are also then responsible for remitting the deducted dues, to AFA for processing.
Note – Under the Endeavor contract, dues deducted this month apply to last month. Example: Dues deducted on March 1st and March 16th will cover the dues obligation from the prior month of February.

2. Monthly Payments – Members who wish to pay their dues monthly without payroll deduction, are mailed a coupon booklet to make their monthly payments. Each year in April, you will be mailed coupons, envelopes, stickers that correspond with each month and a DCO form.

3. Advance Annual Payment – Members can pay dues annually in advance prior to July 1st of any year and a ten percent (10%) discount will be granted to any member who chooses to pre-pay this annual amount. The year is measured by using AFA’s fiscal calendar which runs June through May of the following year.

4. Online Payment - For those members in a delinquent status or for those who choose to pay monthly/annually, payment can be made by credit or debit card online at www.afanet.org/payment.

Membership Delinquency:

All member accounts remain in Good Standing until an invoice remains unpaid for over 90 days. After 90 days (or 3 billing periods) the account will be placed in Bad Standing and you will receive a Standing 2 letter advising you of your delinquency and subsequent Bad Standing. This letter requests payment in full by a specific date and requests that you contact the AFA Membership Services Department immediately. There could be an easy explanation or fix for the delinquency. One call to the AFA Membership Service Department could easily clear this up quickly. (See also FAQs below).

If payment is not received by the specified date, a Standing 3 letter is mailed via certified mail, further advising you of the seriousness of your delinquency. The Standing 3 letter also advises that if the delinquency is not cleared within the contractually stipulated time period, AFA-CWA will invoke the Union Security clause of the contract (Section 21) and request termination for non-payment of the contractually required financial obligation to the Union.

If payment is still not received during the contractual time limits following the Standing 3 letter you will be progressed to Standing 5. At that time, Endeavor management will be notified and termination will be requested for non-payment of Union dues/service charges.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can a non-member be placed in Bad Standing?
The Endeavor contract Section 21 contains an Agency Shop provision requiring Flight Attendants to become a member of the Union or pay to the Union a monthly service charge for benefits and administration of the agreement. The monthly service charge will be equal to the Union’s regular monthly dues. All Flight Attendants, whether a member or non-member, can be placed in Bad Standing for non-payment of monthly dues/services charges.

I was on a leave of absence. Do I still owe dues/service charges?
YES – Every Flight Attendant owes dues for the first three months (90 days) of any unpaid leave of absence except military and involuntary furlough.
NOTE: AFA-CWA does not consider the leave status to be effective until such time that you are no longer receiving sick bank and/or vacation. In other words, at the time you enter the non-pay status, the 90-day financial obligation for dues while on leave begins.

I am on a leave of absence but I simply don’t have enough income right now to be able to pay the 90-day dues requirement. Do I have any options?
YES, if you are on a leave of absence or furlough and experiencing a financial hardship, you may be eligible for a dues deferral. Dues deferrals are granted through your Local Council President ONLY. Once approved, your dues will be deferred until you return to active status. Your obligation to pay dues is not eliminated or waived, it is simply deferred until such time as you return to work and are once again receiving income.

Can dues/service charges be waived?
NO. The AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws state: Article XI A.6. “Payment of dues shall be required of all members that are on active status during a month or any portion thereof. There is no provision to “waive” or “forgive” dues.”

How can I be in bad standing? I wasn’t on a leave and I am signed up for dues check off (DCO) so the dues should have come out of my check right?
YES and NO. The first thing to do is go back and review your paycheck to see if in fact the dues were deducted. If not, there could be several different explanations. The Company is responsible for taking the dues out of your check, not AFA. This means, the Company could have made a mistake.

Another explanation could be that you flew low time and/or dropped trips. Since Union dues are the last thing to be deducted from your paycheck, there may not have been enough monies left, after your other deductions, to cover the amount of the union dues obligation.

Lastly, remember that if you were on any kind of unpaid leave, there would be no paycheck from which the dues could be deducted.

I received a Bad Standing Letter but I don’t believe I owe the Union the balance shown on the notice. What should I do?
The AFA Membership Services Department is here to help. We have trained staff available to answer any questions you may have. Information you provide may help to clear up any issues or concerns. For any discrepancy that you think may exist, call AFA Membership Services at; 800–424–2401 and press #7 to speak with a member of AFA staff.

It is important to remember that AFA only knows that we have not received dues from you (for whatever reason). In the vast majority of cases, the billing amount is correct however, it is often times the information we don’t have that contributes to discrepancies in the accounts.

What AFA does NOT know is whether you are a flight attendant who is actively flying and refusing to pay, a flight attendant on some type of leave, a flight attendant who may have left the company or, there was some kind of payroll error at the airline. This is why it important to make one simple call to Membership Services.

I called the Membership Service Department and found out I have a lot of back dues owed. I can’t pay it all at once. Do I have any options?
YES, AFA offers Flight Attendants with past due accounts the ability to set up a payment plan that will keep the member in good standing while making payments. This is referred to as a promissory agreement.

Please contact the AFA Membership Services Department to set up a promissory agreement at: 800–424–2401 EXT. 707

Promissory Agreement Rules:

• The flight attendant must be on Dues Check Off (payroll deduction). 
• All payments must be made directly to AFA, this amount will NOT be deducted from your paycheck. 
• The signed agreement must be returned to the AFA International Office by the date given on the letter along with the first payment. 
• A payment must be made each month. You will not receive a statement for this amount. 
• If a flight attendant defaults on the agreement, the total amount will be due. A second promissory agreement will not be offered for the same past due amount. 
• Invoices will not be sent that reflect the payment plan.

Can AFA deduct back/past dues from my paycheck?
The simple answer is no. Keep in mind that AFA does not deduct your dues, your company deducts the dues. They then send the money and dues information to AFA for processing. Each of AFA’s contracts state that only the current month’s dues will be deducted.

I am on a voluntary furlough. Do I still owe dues?
Yes. In accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws every flight attendant on a leave of absence owes dues for the first three (3) months of their leave of absence AFTER their compensation from their airline ends. Those flight attendants on a military leave or involuntary furlough do not owe this amount.
This is part of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws: “Article XI A.6. Payment of dues shall be required of all members that are on active status during a month or any portion thereof. After the first ninety (90) days of removal from service and no longer receiving compensation through a carrier for disability leave, payment of dues shall not be required.”   The Constitution and Bylaws is written and approved by the AFA Board of Directors which consists of all LEC Presidents, including yours.

Should you have any other questions, contact Membership Services Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 EST. The phone number is 800–424–2401 and press #7 to speak to a representative. You can also contact a Local Executive Council Officer with questions. Their email addresses are on our website.


Today the below letter from AFA-Endeavor MEC President Rebecca Reiners was sent to Endeavor Air President and CEO Ryan Gumm. The Union hopes that the Company will work with us in the coming weeks to address Flight Attendant bankruptcy concessions.

Stacks Image 1396

When you join AFA you are joining hands with Flight Attendants throughout our industry. We understand that if airline management is able to lower standards for our career anywhere it is a threat to our careers everywhere. We work together in our union to unify and amplify our voices and lift the standards for all of us.

AFA is recognized as the voice for Flight Attendants on Capitol Hill and in the media all over the world and our contracts have led the industry for years. Our union understands better than any other how to negotiate Flight Attendant contracts, enforce them on a daily basis and provide Flight Attendants with the kind of support we need daily in our unique workplace. Our union is responsive to your needs and we will champion your issues.

AFA experts in the Government Affairs, EAP, Safety and Health and Legal departments also provide written and in-person testimony important to us. As a result of our work together, we have achieved important improvements in our workplace. Recent advances of note include an AFA victory ensuring Flight Attendants access to family and medical leave benefits (FMLA) according to the unique hours of our job. In 2012, we obtained Flight Attendant inclusion in the Known Crewmember alternate screening program and, most recently we were successful in preventing a national security policy change that would have allowed knives in the passenger cabin for the first time since 9-11. In addition, AFA’s continued advocacy has helped to ensure that Flight Attendants across the country begin to see occupational health and safety standards in the cabin reinforced by OSHA.

Your membership and support helps to ensure we can continue the work of improving the workplace. On behalf of the 60,000 AFA members who stand with you, we encourage you to make the most out of your power in numbers. Let’s work together to generate power for the Endeavor Flight Attendants. Our solidarity will lead to our future success.

A Question and Answer section can be found [here].

The Education and Training Committee met with the Inflight Training Department to discuss the upcoming 2014 Inflight Recurrent Training. The program has been revamped for 2014. Some of the changes have been to include more group participation, less slide show and LMS. As usual, much of the material is what you should already know, but we found the new layout to be much improved.

We want to remind you to keep the following in mind when you attend IRT:

* Be sure to read the "Welcome to 2014 Inflight Recurrent Training" memo completely. You can read it online or the copy placed in your v-file. The memo has all the information you need for recurrent.
* Know all the policies and procedures.
* Come to training prepared by completing all the LMS modules before your class date.
* Emergency evacuation drills are not being graded this year, however, you will be evaluated and are expected to know the commands and facilitate an evacuation properly

If you have any questions, feel free to email Dawn Hall, MEC Committee Chair at dhall@edvafa.org or Ed Brylowski at ebrylowski@edvafa.org


If you are not receiving a decision on your trip trade submissions within 48 hours, we need to know about it! The company continues to violate the CBA in this regard and it is unacceptable. Be included in the list of affected flight attendants.

Use this form to report the specific details of your case.

The company posted an Integrated Seniority List on October 3, 2013. Our contract allows for any errors to the list to be corrected. The process is to contact the company and AFA within 30 days of the posting of the Integrated Seniority List. If there is a error on your seniority date, email Frank.Slocum@endeavorair.com and AFA at info@edvafa.org. In the email, ensure that you include name, base, employee number, correct seniority date and incorrect seniority date and the reason you believe it is incorrect. You can view the ISL on your AFA website under the resources tab. View it here.

What does Employee Assistance Program and Professional Standards mean to you?

Your EAP/ProStan Representatives are trained to confidentially assist you with managing the life emergencies we encounter from time to time. From lending an un-judging ear to facilitating counseling needs or simply directing you through the process of paperwork for a leave of absence, your EAP/ProStan Committee is your support team. We are also available to assist with workstyle issues within the flight attendant group.

Manage Conflicts with the assistance of your AFA Professional Standards Committee

Don’t write your co-worker up!

Your Union’s Professional Standards Program is designed to empower you to address workplace conflicts either directly or through an AFA Professional Standards Representative. It is also designed to provide you with an avenue of resolution that is completely separate from the reporting and investigative process that occurs when conflicts are reported to management. The EAP Pro-Stan Committee can help in facilitating conflict resolution between co-workers without the threat of company discipline. Our goal is to address issues before a flight attendant is in job jeopardy.

When you use the company “Hot Line” as a source for co-worker resolution you activate the company’s disciplinary and investigative process. You expose yourself to undesirable pressure from management and peer scrutiny. Most importantly – You may subject your co-worker to unnecessary discipline up to and including potential job jeopardy. When Crew Resource Management tools are not working, Don’t write it up! Contact your Professional Standards Committee for a win-win resolution.

Through AFA’s Professional Standards Services, you can contact your local Professional Standards Representative and confidentially share a problem or concern about your co-worker. Together, you and your local Professional Standards Representative will come up with an action plan that makes best sense for you and your concerns. Your identity and information will remain confidential, unless of course you give your AFA Professional Standards Committee permission to share it.

So if you’d like someone to listen to your concerns and to help you develop an action plan that makes sense and is managed by you, give us a call. Don’t write your co-worker up! Remember, we’ll always be exposed to conflicts. How we choose to manage conflict is one of the truest measures of our character.

Confidentially Assisting co-workers and their families with today’s issues…
**Kt Jacobs, MEC Chair**
EAP and Professional Standards Committee

Jay Cox, LEC Chair
A complete list of EAP reps and their contact information can be found here.


All local councils are recruiting committee members! Please contact your LEC President if you are interested in serving on a committee:
[ More info on each committee ]
  • Grievance
  • Scheduling
  • Air Safety, Health, & Security
  • Hotel
  • Jumpseat
  • Uniform
  • Communications
  • EAP / Pro-Stan


There is one number to call when you need a union rep. No matter where you are based, whether you are Pinnacle, pre-merger Mesaba, or Colgan, there is one number you need to put in your phone! You will have the opportunity to leave a message detailing what your situation is and what your needs are, and your case will be routed to the appropriate party, who will return your call.

Call 855-4-EDV-AFA


We’ve seen the repeated complaints about payroll problems and we know this is an issue that needs immediate attention. We need to document these issues and track them in order to seek resolution. You shouldn’t have to wonder every month if your pay will be right – or spend hours trying to fix it. We will move to address this issue with details and our legal team needs your reports. While we collect specific details on the issue and analyze the problem, it will still be necessary to address individual payroll issues using the company’s current procedures. Only now, you are not alone in this. Your union stands with you. Follow these steps if you have an issue with your paycheck:

  1. The company’s process is that you first fill out an online payroll discrepancy report.
  2. At the same time, provide AFA with the details related to your payroll discrepancies. Please send all details regarding your case to info@edvafa.org. Please include the word "payroll" in the subject line of the email.
  3. Keep us advised until the problem is fixed and let us know if you need an officer to step in and assist you with getting resolution.

Armed with the data we receive, we will be better positioned to fight – not only for you in the short term – but also to address the more global issue of the monumental scope of the repeated occurrences. We will not allow management to disperse this issue throughout the system by pawning off the issue with each manager. AFA will track, trend and seek universal solutions.