What’s Happening at Endeavor Air AFA – April

This Spring has proven to be busy for the MEC. It seems many annual meetings are held this time of year as well as the amount of work involved in getting the Atlanta Base up and running.

April 3 – Pairing Construction Meeting; AFA Scheduling Committee met with the company to discuss the construction of lines for May 2017. ATL was a topic of discussion as the flying is brand new.

April 6 – Executive Board Call; MECP joined the call and some topics discussed are, New Council for new AFA carriers Virgin America and Norwegian Cabin Crew. Human Trafficking training and what our carrier is doing for this training. Capital Hill updates on Open Skies and Fight for 10 hrs of rest.

April 7 – Pairing Solutions Meeting; Scheduling Committee meets to see the final runs for May lines. Typically 5 solutions are offered and the selection is based on a number of factors.

April 10 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; Committee chair discussions, Annual Board of Directors discussion and up coming meetings for BOD.

April 11 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; MEC President and MEC Vice President joined the ERC/ASAP group at their normally scheduled meeting to how the program works and how meetings are conducted.

April 12 – Labor Management/Sched/Rsv Meeting; ATL base update June 1 opening. SIDA required for ATL crew and AFA base visit. Recent IROPS and wait times for hotels. New Uniform update from Nikole and the Uniform Compliance push for Flight Attendants to be compliant. On The Fly cards, will be given to Flight Attendants as compliments while on board. These cards are distributed by any member of management (Directors and higher).

April 12 – Grievance Hearing – Monthly Grievance Hearing

April 17 – Crew Scheduling Meeting; Crew Scheduling is working with AFA and ALPA on new project. Details to be shared down the road

April 18–19 – Info Share in PIT – MECP attended, along with MEC ASHS Chair & ERC Primary at this yearly meeting. This conference is a year in review of the ASAP and Fatigue Risk Management programs.

April 24 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; MEC discussed pax handling based on recent events. ATL base update, final details of MEC/MEC Chair meeting on May 4 & 5 in MSP.

April 25 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; bi monthly Meeting