What’s Happening at Endeavor Air AFA – April

In the first week of the month, you can expect to see an All Things update from the MEC. This will give you a glimpse back on what we have been up to and working on for Endeavor Air Flight Attendants. This will involve all meetings with management and also with the MEC. Some meetings we will not be able to provide details on issues that may be confidential but we believe that this transparency will tell you what Your union is doing.

Below is an overview of our regularly scheduled monthly meetings. You will always see these listed in the What’s Happening Eline (unless they were cancelled or rescheduled).

Scheduling/Reserve Meeting & Labor/Management Meeting – MEC Officers and Endeavor Air management meet to discuss issues. Scheduling/Reserve Chairs meet to discuss issues. This is one meeting.

Pairing Construction Meeting – Scheduling Chair meets with planning to discuss pairings

Pairing Solutions Meeting – Scheduling Committee meets to review pairing solutions.

Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call – MEC Conference calls to discuss issues.

Grievance Hearing – Monthly Grievance Hearing for system wide grievances.

Below is an overview of ALL THINGS March:

March 2 – Screening Committee Call; discussion of previously denied grievances and decisions on what to do next with each grievance.

March 3 – Pairing Construction Meeting; Your scheduling committee met with the company to discuss flying for April. They talked about what pairings may look like for April when the final lines come out.

March 7 – Pairing Solutions meeting; discuss the pairings for April line awards

March 7 – ASAP/ERC meeting; meeting is held in MSP Tower C. This meeting is to discuss ASAP and fatigue reports that have been filed.

March 8 – Labor Management/Sched/Rsv and Grievance; discussion of some LMS concerns. Child ID kits and disbursing them to FAs. PBS crew room help to continue monthly. Ready Reserve changes and how Airport Reserves are assigned

March 9 – ATL Base/Future Flying; Discussed the ATL base and when to expect to see the base open. What flying will look like in each base over the next 6 months.

March 13 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; MEC meets on a bi weekly basis for a conference call to discuss and stay op top of AFA/Endeavor Air business. This call we talked about our volunteers, budget review and some pairing construction items.

March 15–16 – ASHS Round Table LAX; ASAP and ASHS spent a few days in LA at the ASHS Roundtable. This is a yearly AFA meeting for all the AFA Airline Committee Chairs to meet and have the opportunity to discuss the type of reports they have seen in the past year.

March 23 – Quarterly Education/Training; LMS was the hot topic at this meeting. The company is aware of some issues and they are working hard to fix and prevent these issues going forward.

March 25 – ASAP/ERC; Bi weekly meeting to review fatigue and ASAP reports

March 27 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; Discussion of distribution and timeline of Child ID kits. MEC and Local committee chair discussions. ATL base talks and where things stand today. Payroll concerns, specifically CDO sick time adjustments.

March 27 – Meeting with Payroll in HQ; Grievance and Legal met with the company Payroll to talk about some payroll issues, specifically with how CDO sick time is applied.

March 29 – Reserve Assignment; Reserve Committee met with Crew Scheduling to observe how Airport Reserve assignments are made. Crew Scheduler went over how Reserve assignments as done in general.

MEC Officers met with Crew Scheduling Director and Managers about crew member notifications several times this month. More information will be forthcoming about this.

As always, transparency is our goal. We hope that this was helpful and you get an idea of what we do on a monthly basis. Beginning soon, you will also be provided on a monthly basis the Bi-Weekly MEC Meeting Minutes.