Updates on Uniforms and More

Recently, your AFA Uniform and Cabin Standards Committee met with management to discuss issues related to uniforms, cabin grooming, and catering.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Uniform Allotment – We inquired if allotments will be rolled over to the new system and new vendor. The logistics for this are still be worked out.
  • New Uniform – The new uniform might not be ready until the fall of 2018. The new pieces provided will be similar to the new hire initial package and management assured us that we will be provided with a list of what the basic uniform items will be. Management is working on getting the accessories for Endeavor Air or perhaps working on getting some special pieces for only Endeavor Air Flight Attendants.
  • Crew Outfitter – We discussed using our uniform allotment at Crew Outfitters and management was open to the idea and we will discuss more about this at our next meeting.
  • Uniform Compliance – Because of the new uniforms, management is working on an initiative to ensure that all Flight Attendants are in uniform compliance. Uniform clinics are being held at all bases throughout April and probably May. Managers will be conducting image checks at the table during the clinics. We urge all Endeavor Air Flight Attendants to please maintain a professional image at all times while on duty. Hair should no longer than shoulder length and put up in a pony tail if long, uniform pieces should always be in good condition; and shoes and bags should always be compliant.
  • Catering Concerns – Most of our concerns about catering were discussed. LGA catering will be transforming so we should be seeing some improvement with catering in LGA. The small silver service basket and the 12 cup tray should be on every CRJ 900 as permanent items on the aircraft. The 200 will be having a Cart Topper added to every aircraft to be used. It will be located in an Atlas below the ice drawer.
  • Grooming – Grooming should be done in every station, both hub and out station. First Class should always be groomed on every turn by ground crew. Garbage and lavs should be cleaned on the 200. If this is not being done, please request it and make sure you fill out a FACTS report on the 900 or email catering@endeavorair.com on the 200.


Available on the CRJ 900 – FACTS reports submitted by Flight Attendants provide valuable feedback to help improve catering and grooming processes, procedures, and policies to ensure a positive experience for our crew members and customers. This is an app on the Sky Connect. This is real time submission and can be done in the air or on the ground. Over the past month, the company has only received 54 reports. We need to do more reports to be able to get things changed.

FACTS reports are received and reviewed by Delta and help to improve the catering and grooming operations from the information submitted. Since Delta contracts all of the vendors it’s important all Flight Attendants enter FACTS reports. This will ensure improvements are made in the future.

If you have concerns on the 200, please continue to email catering@endeavorair.com and management will work on those issues.

It is imperative that all Flight Attendants preflight the Sky Connect on the ground and sign in. If the battering is not working, please call 866–627–3724 (number on the outside of the pouch) or notify a SAFA with the flight number and tail number of the aircraft.

Remember that we will continue to advocate for Catering issues and we need your help. Fill out those FACTS reports. It only takes a couple of minutes. We have requested instructions to be provided in the V-Files of all Flight Attendants so that everyone knows how to use the app.

You might have seen that SAFAs are auditing the Sky Connect. We suggested this because many were not working. Remember that there is an additional battery button that you can push to charge the Sky Connect.

We hope to have more information regarding uniform and crew outfitters at our next meeting in June. Please let us know what your concerns are by emailing tclarke@edvafa.org or info@edvafa.org.