Why are partial transactions not being automated and will it have a negative impact on partial trading?

FLICA as it exists today cannot process partial requests on a real time basis. This is true for the Pilots, as well. However, in LOA 6 there is an agreement to review the 48 hour window for processing partials after we have 12 months of experience and data. Because FLICA is such a positive work tool for all other schedule adjustments, AFA and the Company agreed that a compromise on partials was a far better alternative than refusing electronic trading all together or doing away with partials. Pilots faced the same compromise, and they must wait up to 72 hours for their partials to be processed. It is also important to note that partial trades between Flight Attendants will not be affected by FLICA’s processing of whole trades. This means that a whole trade, which will be processed in near real time, may be processed before a partial trade.