I received a Bad Standing Letter but I don’t believe I owe the Union the balance shown on the notice. What should I do?

The AFA Membership Services Department is here to help. We have trained staff available to answer any questions you may have. Information you provide may help to clear up any issues or concerns. For any discrepancy that you think may exist, call AFA Membership Services at; 800–424–2401 and press #7 to speak with a member of AFA staff.

It is important to remember that AFA only knows that we have not received dues from you (for whatever reason). In the vast majority of cases, the billing amount is correct however, it is often times the information we don’t have that contributes to discrepancies in the accounts.

What AFA does NOT know is whether you are a flight attendant who is actively flying and refusing to pay, a flight attendant on some type of leave, a flight attendant who may have left the company or, there was some kind of payroll error at the airline. This is why it important to make one simple call to Membership Services.