Reserve Standing Bid Options

We have great news regarding the Reserve Standing Bid Options!

When LOA 6 was implemented, all the PBS Bid options for Reserve were not available when creating a Reserve Standing Bid. The AFA Reserve committee recently met with Crew Planning and asked if this could be implemented so that Reserves would have all options available when creating Standing Bids. Crew Planning realized that it had not been turned on for the Reserve Standing Bid. This has now been corrected.

For those that Bid Reserve, you will find the same options under the “Other Options” tab for a standing bid or monthly bid. The Standing Bid is a great tool in case you forget to bid. The PBS Solver will utilize your standing bid if you fail to submit a monthly bid. Also, When you have a standing bid, the system will ask you to import your standing bid when you begin the bidding process. This is helpful because it will have all the preferred options already loaded and all you have to do is tweak your bid.

Starting with the February Bid month, Reserves will now have ALL the Reserve options and Reserve preferences included in the Standing Bid option including first/last out and Ready Reserve options. If you currently have a Reserve Standing Bid, make sure that you update your Standing Bid in order to benefit from all the reserve options.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a committee member.