Reserve Arbitration Won

Reserve Release Arbitration Opinion and Award

This week AFA won our MEC Reserve Release Grievance (#36–99–02–20–15). Flight Attendants may remember that this Grievance involved the question of what Crew Scheduling may do with Reserves after they have completed a flying assignment. Back in July of last year Crew Scheduling began placing Reserves on Home Reserve after they had completed flying assignments. AFA’s position was always that Section 5.M.2.g. of our Contract did not provide the Company with that authority.

The System Board of Adjustment, with Margaret Brogan siting as the neutral arbitrator, heard this Grievance at an arbitration hearing back on April 21 of this year. The Opinion and Award of the System Board was completed this week. The System Board sustained our Grievance:

It is concluded that the Company violated the collective bargaining agreement by placing Reserve Flight Attendants on Home Reserve after completion of flying assignments in normal operations. By way of remedy, it is ordered that, going forward, that the Company cease and desist from placing reserve Flight Attendants on Home Reserve after the completion of a flying assignment, except in the case of an irregular operation, as provided by Section 5.I.5.b.

Flight Attendants may read the full Opinion and Award HERE.

The MEC is pleased that we were able to enforce our Reserve rules. With this Opinion and Award, Reserves should be aware of the following rules for release after flight assignments:

  1. You must still call Crew Scheduling after you have completed a flight assignment in order to be released (this has not changed).
  2. Crew Scheduling may either release you or hold you at the airport for up to one (1) hour for the purpose of assigning you additional flying which departs within three (3) hours of the arrival of your last flight (this has also not changed).
  3. However, as the System Board ruled, if you have not been assigned new flying after being held for one (1) hour Crew Scheduling must release you into rest – you may not be placed on Home Reserve. BUT, do not forget that when an IROP is declared Crew Scheduling still has the right to place you on Home Reserve after a flying assignment.
  4. In addition, do not forget that under our LOA 7 you are entitled to an automatic early release on the last day of a string of reserve days if you do not already have a flight assignment. Reserves on P1 are entitled to a release at 1400 on their last reserve day; Reserves on P2 are entitled to a release at 1900 on their last reserve day.

The protection and enforcement of our Contract is of utmost importance to your AFA MEC. We would like to thank the following people for their hard work on the arbitration of this Grievance: Oscar Ochomogo, Jason Ostrowski, Jatawne Wells, Lauren Perry, and Senior Staff Attorney, Peter Swanson.