PBS Bidding Help

Jean Machak, MEC Chair


This page will give you general PBS bidding help. This page is not an exhaustive list of all the parameters in PBS for bidding. Remember that we always have Bidding Help every other month in all domicile crew rooms. Look for elines to sent that provide the dates and times for all crew room sits.

PBS Bidding Tips HERE

Wondering about Global Feasibility?

PBS BID ASSISTANT TEAM - scheduling@edvafa.org


Council 45 LGA/JFK

Evangeline Timmons - PBS Chair
Lenetta Danzell
Eric Danielson
Fabienne Bien Aime
Salley Randall Brunger

Council 46 ATL/DTW

Jean Machak
Anita Emerson
Natalie Brown
Debra Carver
Pamela Hicks
Janine Thomas
Jacqueline Gardner
Theresa Bryant
Akilah Roberts

Council 48 MSP

David Doying
Maureen Lyttle
Amber Komarek