MEC Meeting Update

Your AFA MEC met on Thursday May 4 & Friday May 5 in Minneapolis to discuss many items that affect Endeavor Flight Attendants. The MEC was joined by the majority of the MEC committee chairs on Friday to discuss items of concern for their committees and to discuss the work that they have done over the last year. This meeting is one of two in person meetings required. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Atlanta Leadership – Discussion on what current council would provide leadership to the new base. A vote was taken and Council 46 was elected to be the council for Atlanta.
  • Atlanta Base information – Much information was shared and discussed about our new base.
  • Our Staff Attorney was present and discussion was made about several items in a closed session. They included arbitrations etc.
  • MEC Officers, LEC Presidents and Committee chairs gave reports on their work.

We appreciate the work of all of our volunteer chairs and their commitment to work on behalf of all Endeavor Air Flight Attendants. We were pleased to see some guests come for the meeting.

You can review the Meeting MinutesĀ HERE.