MEC Grievance 36–099–02–048–17 16 hour duty day

A Flight Attendant’s duty day is limited to a maximum of 16 hours under our Contract. Flight Attendants need to be aware of this right and how to protect it, as Crew Scheduling has been interpreting our Contract in favor of the Company. As a result, AFA has filed an MEC Grievance on behalf of all members.

Section 6.F.2. of our Contract states:

At no time will the Company require a Flight Attendant to be on duty more than sixteen (16) hours, for any reason, without approval from the Flight Attendant.

Crew Scheduling’s interpretation of this language has been that as long as a Flight Attendant is projected under 16 hours of duty when the aircraft door closes the Company can fly a Flight Attendant more than 16 hours, regardless of weather, ATC, ground stops, etc. AFA strongly disagrees with this reading of our Contract. Therefore, we have filed Grievance 36–099–02–048–17, which will be heard at the September Grievance Hearing.

In the meantime, Flight Attendants should be aware that Crew Scheduling will not be proactive in making sure you do not exceed 16 hours of duty. Unless you want to waive your 16-hour maximum you should call Crew Scheduling both before boarding and, if they still have not projected you over 16 hours, after boarding and immediately before the door is closed. This is provide you the best possible chance of enforcing the 16-hour maximum and evidence that you tried to do so. AFA asks all Flight Attendants who unwillingly exceed 16-hours of duty to contact a Union Representative.