Flight Attendant Top 10 Wish List

Below you will find the Top 10 Wish List items that we received through Dec 21st. Your response was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone that filled out the form. We will be presenting this list to management at the January Labor/Management meeting.

  1. Pay Issues – This included Wage Increase, Min Day (4hours), Holiday Pay, Per Diem, and 100% Deadhead pay
  2. Travel Benefits – This included Travel Companions, Buddy Passes, Status change to S3, and Overall Better Travel Benefits
  3. Hotels – Better Hotels, More with microwave and refrigerators, Breakfast, and Commuter Hotels for trips broken in Base.
  4. Profit Sharing – Most mentioned Delta Profit Sharing as the request
  5. 10 Hours Rest – Minimum 10 Hours Rest without being reduced and rest starts at hotel check in.
  6. NY Incentives – Parking, Tolls, Commuter Hotels, Transportation help, Increase in pay for NY Flight Attendants
  7. Catering – Better catering and request for Crew Meals
  8. Delta Jumpseat
  9. Better Call In Honest Policy
  10. Benefits – Better 401K contributions, lower Health Care, Better Sick pay accrual, written Sick Policy request

Some other items that were not in the top 10: Electronic FAMs, FAM index, Crew breaks during flight in passenger seat, Guarantee Interview at Delta, Uniform Allotment increase, Use of Uniform allotment at Crew Stores, changes to Jetway trade (more per year and less time needed), Longer New Hire OE, and 150% DHD pay.

Thank you all again for providing us with this feedback.