February Bidding

The following information is what Flight Attendants can expect for February flying, this is based on what we have received from the Crew Planning department and Delta:

The Regular Line average for all bases will be approximately 76 hours.

There will be an increase in flying above January hours system wide of around 700 hours.

  • CRJ200 is up almost 500 hours, mostly in MSP.
  • CRJ900 up almost 200 hours, will be noticed more in LGA with some in DTW but a decrease in MSP.
  • CDO trips are down 20 on the CRJ900.
  • 3 day trips are up by 100.
  • A slight increase in aircraft changes are expected in order to increase block per duty day.

PBS Crew Room Bid Assistance

Available in all bases:

01/11 Wednesday 800–1700 local time
01/12 Thursday 800–1700 local time
01/13 Friday 800–1700 local time
01/14 Saturday 800–1700 local time

What’s New?

For Reserve Line bidders; in PBS under the Other Options tab you may now select all Reserve Line options, anytime of the month, and place them in your Standing Bid!

Bidding Tips

  • Always SAVE after every entry.
  • Always DISPLAY/PRINT at the end of each saved session to see all entries in their respective scopes. Then make a copy or take a screenshot with the time stamp.
  • Select the correct bid scope (REGULARRSV and CDO).
  • AVOID work (for example avoid the CRJ if you want to fly the CR9).
  • DESIRE time off (if you desire any type of work PBS will try to award as much as possible!).
  • Not certain you can hold a Regular Line next month? Bid in both Bid Scopes, Regular and Reserve. Please always look at the PBS Bid Packet which has the number of Reserve Lines for the month. The packet is available at noon Central Time Zone on 10JAN in endeavorairnet.com>Crew Resources tab>Crew Planning quick link>FA Bid Pack.
  • Utilize the Filter – The Filter is one of the most useful tools at your disposal to search for the types of options you most desire. You can improve your quality of life by simply analyzing the following: desire to overnight at a station in a warm climate, start a work period 1 hour after your commuter flight, end a pairing’s last non DH flight in a specific city, etc…
  • One of the strengths of PBS is that you can bid for everything you want. Bid smart by always having a “complete” bid in case you’re unable to hold your most important preferences.

Common Bidding Errors:

  • Placing same weight on all bid preferences – PBS will decide what is most important if you place High or 1000 on multiple entries!! Adjust values knowing that any entry is “asking” for what you want. Also, some parameters such as weekends off, will score multiple times a month. Weekends off could be worth 4,000 points in February. Consider point values based on maximum possible occurrences. Desire days off at 1000 is worth at least 11,000 total for a Regular Line holder. Is that more important than possibly Valentine’s Day or President’s Day? PBS may award more days off making you work on important dates not scored appropriately.
  • CDO Line is not awarded even though there are items selected in the CDO bid scope. You MUST Desire CDO line in the Other Options tab to be awarded a CDO Line.
  • Reserve Line is not awarded even though items are selected in Reserve bid scope. You MUST select Reserve bid scope>Option Class -Reserve Request>Reserve Line -Desire Reserve Line!
  • What is on your schedule for next month? During PBS bidding, the Calendar tab in PBS will display your vacation dates, IRT dates, The Experience date, manager assigned Meeting date, etc. Any stand alone date on your calendar will require that PBS assign work next to that date. Our contract states that you must have 2 consecutive duty days unless you Allow Single Duty Day in the Other Option tab. We advise that all Flight Attendants check their schedule before bids close on the 15th at noon Central time. This protects against forgetting about a single duty day meeting, 1 day trip you picked up on 30JAN, or that lonely Reserve day at the end of your January schedule!

Please utilize the PBS bidding experts in all bases this month!!

FYI regarding VACATIONS! If you did not bid for a vacation in 2017, Crew Planning assigns them to guarantee that you will be paid. Unassigned vacations days, are unpaid. Look at the February bid packet to find open vacation weeks! Contact crewplanning@EndeavorAir.com for vacation bid status, VAC info and general Flight Attendant questions.