Extension Settlement – New Language

Extension Settlement – New Language

Your MEC is pleased to announce that we have settled the long-suffering issue of “extensions” at Endeavor. The issue of extended flying has generated a good number of questions and grievances throughout the years, and, in practice, very few Flight Attendants ever received extension pay.

The week before this issue went to arbitration AFA and the Company were able to agree on clarification language that would assure extension pay while providing the Company operational certainty. In addition to the single grievance we were to arbitrate, we were able to settle three additional grievances and a number of pre-grievances, providing addition pay for all affected Flight Attendants.

Below is a summary of the new extension rules. To view the detailed language of the settlement and clarification language, click HERE. What will be most helpful to Flight Attendants are the many examples in the clarification language, some of which are printed below. AFA recommends that each Flight Attendant has a copy of the clarification language available to them when flying, as the current Contract language is no longer helpful in determining whether you are being extended.


1. “Beginning of trip extension.
– Any added flying that requires you to report earlier than your original in-base report time.

2. “Middle” of trip extension.
– Flying that is added within the footprint of your trip when no other flying has been canceled or removed.

3. “End” of trip extension.
– Flying that is added to your trip which causes you to be released more than one hour after your original in-base release time.
– We reduced the length of extensions to a maximum of three hours past your original release time, unless it is your last leg that cancels (see below).
– However, be aware that when your last leg back to base cancels, the general rule does not necessarily apply. The Company may reschedule you for any single working leg back to base even if it is well after the original one hour release time and it is not an extension. On the other hand, if they reschedule you for multiple legs back to base those legs may be considered an extension and you may be able to refuse the extension, depending upon whether the legs are working or non-working (See clarification language, Sec. 6.a.(3)(d))

4. “Middle” extensions cannot be refused.
– If flying is added to the middle of your trip but does not cause you to be released more than one hour after your original release time in base, the “extension” cannot be refused.

5. “Beginning” or “End” extensions may be refused.
– You may refuse additional flying that causes you to report earlier in base or to be released more than one hour after your original release time in base.
– However, there are still some limitations on your ability to refuse. You cannot refuse if you are the “most-junior legal and available Flight Attendant.” In addition, our refusals are still limited to once per quarter.

6. Only one extension per month.
– We reduced the maximum number of extensions per month from two to one.

(Middle of Trip – Non-Refusable Extension)

A Flight Attendant’s originally scheduled BWI-CVG flight was removed and replaced with a different flight segment between the same city pair (BWI-CVG), and then a CVG-MEM turn was added before rejoining her originally scheduled trip. This is a non-refusable extension, and the CVG-MEM-CVG legs would be paid at 150%.

(End of Trip – Refusable Extension)

A Flight Attendant’s trip is scheduled to end in domicile at 1300 with a leg from ATL-JFK The ATL-JFK leg is moved to an earlier report time, and two legs are added (JFK-CVG; CVG-JFK), which is scheduled to return the Flight Attendant to base at 1445. This is a refusable extension, because the added flying will now conclude the trip more than one (1) hour after the original release time. In addition, the Flight Attendant will be able to refuse the extension if any more-junior Flight Attendant is legal and available (including reserves) in JFK (her domicile) to fly the extension.

(Not an Extension)

A Flight Attendant’s trip is originally scheduled to end in domicile at 1800 with a leg from PHL-DTW. The PHL-DTW leg is removed, and replaced with two legs (PHL-CGV; CGV-DTW), which is scheduled to return her to base at 1845. This not an extension, because although flying was added the PHL-DTW leg was canceled (removed).