Education & Training Update

Recently AFA Education and Training Committee met with the Training Department to discuss issues related to IRT.


The primary concern was LMS problems experienced by FAs. Here is what was found out and possible solutions.

  1. Many problems are related to spotty or poor Internet Connections. Browser should be a Firefox or Internet Explorer for best results.
  2. Modules time out due to inactivity. Please log out prior to stepping away from computer. The LMS should return to where you left off.
  3. Computers at many hotels have a firewall to block LMS. Also the later in day you log on at a hotel the slower the connection will be due to higher demand for bandwidth.
  4. Do not advance to quickly through a module. This can cause a freeze up or not record your progress.


Be sure to check out the Q & A sheet in LMS for common LMS problems. It will show what devices are compatible and fixes to many routine issues.  Flight Attendants also receive an email when their LMS is loaded that has a lot of valuable information.


Please report IT problems to help desk. They can assist in resetting password and with generic browser problems.


If you do contact the help desk use prompt #8 and identify yourself as being from Endeavor Air. Should the help desk not resolve your issue ask that a ticket be generated to help track problems and prove you were pro active in completing your assignment.


You will be forwarded to Endeavor help desk open Mon- Fri during normal business hours. Ticket numbers are referred to Kathy Powell who responds to tickets in order received.
Please start on LMS as early as possible.  Remember, if you are attempting to complete LMS on one of your overnights not all hotel internet will function correctly with LMS.