EAP and Professional Standards

Karen Koonce, MEC Chair
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From time to time, everyone experiences personal or work-related problems. Sometimes, these problems can overwhelm our normal coping strategies. Support from a trained peer or a referral to a mental health professional may prove helpful.

The AFA EAP helps members, their families and partners deal with concerns on and off the job that affect them. The AFA EAP is strongly committed to the health, safety and well-being of all of its members.


The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA EAP) is a confidential resource available to the members, their families and their partners to assist with personal, as well a work-related concerns. AFA EAP provides three distinct but interrelated services, including:

  1. Assessment, support and resource referral
  2. Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolution
  3. Response to critical and traumatic incidents. AFA’s objective in providing these services is to enhance the health, safety and well-being of its union family with the highest quality of peer support available within the EAP industry.


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Council 45 JFK/LGA

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Council 49 ATL

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Karen Koonce (917-805-4339) - LEC Chair
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