CRJ 900 Bid Position Update (FAM Revision 17-01)

A few weeks ago we settled our Seniority Bid Position Grievance, and on May 26 both AFA and Inflight reported to Flight Attendants that the FAM would be changed starting in June to allow Flight Attendants to use their seniority to bid their position on the CRJ900. However, the FAM revision that was issued is confusing, and implies that seniority cannot be utilized for bidding positions unless both Flight Attendants are in agreement. This is not the meaning of the settlement.

AFA has raised this issue with management, and there is agreement that the revised FAM language needs to be changed to eliminate the suggestion that both Flight Attendants need to agree in order for the more-senior Flight Attendant to exercise his/her seniority to bid a position. Unfortunately, changing the FAM cannot be an immediate process. We hope to update Flight Attendants soon on when the change will occur.