CrewTrac Upgrade and More

  • CrewTrac Upgrade
  • Onboard Sexual Assault Survey
  • Please Your Support for Mesa Flight Attendants

CrewTrac Upgrade

Last week, Crew Scheduling informed us that last weekend an upgrade was implemented with CrewTrac which would allow for better stability in the system. You will notice that if you have a smart phone, tablet, etc, you will be able to view your schedule using many different browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. This will allow you to check – in, view schedule and inquire on pairings etc. This will be a welcome relief to Flight Attendants that use Apple products as they are now fully compatible.

Onboard Sexual Assault Survey

Congressional offices and victim rights advocates have reached out to AFA about the incidents of onboard sexual assault that has been reported by several media sources. As the expert voice in the cabin, AFA can make a difference for Flight Attendants and the passengers in our care.

This is a 1 minute anonymous survey, distributed by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO. The survey will help AFA gather information about Flight Attendants’ experiences with passenger on passenger onboard sexual assaults.

Your answers will help AFA better understand the extent and nature of this issue. The survey will be open through Sunday, April 2, 2017. Take the Survey >

Pledge Your Support for Mesa Flight Attendants

mesa-standv2.jpgOver five years and following bankruptcy cuts, management is still refusing to invest in Mesa Flight Attendants with meaningful improvements. Mesa Flight Attendants are on average 20% behind the pay of their regional counterparts doing flying for United and American. Last year Mesa Flight Attendants voted to overwhelmingly reject management’s paltry offer that included a 1% raise. But Mesa management’s position at the table has only gotten worse. As Mesa MEC President Heather Stevenson told the Houston Chronicle, management has left Mesa Flight Attendants with no choice but to take a strike vote. The stall tactics and excuses from Mesa have got to stop. Let Mesa Flight Attendants know we have their back!

The standards at Mesa are a threat to all of us. But together we can change that. Enough is enough. We expect a fair contract now.

Sign this pledge to show them we all have their backs >