Recently, management made a revision to our FAM requiring Flight Attendants to switch cabin positions each work day. As Endeavor Flight Attendants know this has not been the rule. We have always exercised our seniority to bid our position on the aircraft, and, if we wished, maintained that position for the entire trip. Not only is this change a Contract violation, but strikes at the heart of our seniority.

Because of the FAM change AFA has filed an MEC Grievance today (#36–099–02–26–16). We would like management to reverse this decision and not require switching, so that individual Flight Attendants may themselves choose how to use their seniority.

Endeavor Flight Attendants with some seniority will remember our seniority integration fights with Pinnacle back in 2012. We had to assert our right under the McCaskill-Bond Law for fair and equitable seniority integration. Ultimately management was forced to concede that Flight Attendants through their Union (not management) owned seniority, and had the right and authority to integrate seniority. We have filed this grievance because seniority is everything in the airline industry. 

We need your help to get out the word that this is a bad idea. We don’t want management dictating our seniority or eroding our seniority. Watch for more information on this seniority issue.