Flick Connection Error

We are aware of the many issues that Flight Attendants have had with Flica over the past several months, especially this past Sunday.  We have been in touch with the Company and have been made aware of a Flica System connection error.  We have plans to meet with the Company in early January to discuss the ongoing Flica issue.  If you feel that your trade was improperly processed send your name and information to info@edvafa.org.  Please send as much information as possible, including time submitted, which folder it was put in, pairing number, and why you feel it was done improperly. .We will collect and present all information to the Company.

Company Email Reminder

Company Email Reminder

Starting January 1, 2017, if a Flight Attendant sends an email from their personal email account to anyone at Endeavor Air, management will respond to your company email only. Please ensure that should you send an email from your personal email you need to check your company email for the response.

Text Messaging Clarification

Text Messaging Clarification

The AFA MEC has received some questions about the new Text Messaging memo that management sent to Flight Attendants. We recently asked for clarification on when and how the text messaging would utilized. We confirmed the following:

  1. Text messaging would NOT be used for Crew Scheduling issues such as Junior Manning, CS Notifications, schedule changes, etc.
  2. Text messaging will NOT be used to inform a Flight Attendant of a Section 3 Investigatory meeting.
  3. Management might use texts for friendly reminders (Did you complete your LMS?)
  4. Text messages will not be official notice. They will be viewed as an informal means of communication, however, please be professional with your texts to anyone within Endeavor Air.
  5. Should you type something and auto correct makes a mistake, it will be viewed in the context of the overall communication and the Flight Attendant will be given the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Should you text outside of regular business hours, you may not receive a response until your manager is back in the office.

AFA Wish List

AFA Wish List

Recently, Inflight Leaders sent out a request for a “wish list” from Flight Attendants that they would “review and consider for inclusion in plans for potential improvement in our Inflight Services world”.

Your AFA MEC wants to hear from you. Please let us know what you would like to see in order to make REAL improvements to our concessionary contract. We can open negotiations next December and your input is important to us. We will present the top 10 items that you would like to see to management on December 21st. Please take a few minutes to share with us your 10 items for improvement by December 20. You can fill out the form HERE.

We will share the results with you after December 20th. Thank you for your feedback.


New MEC Committee Chairs

New MEC Committee Chairs

The AFA MEC met on November 30th and on December 5th to select MEC Committee Chairs for the next term running from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019. The following Flight Attendants were selected to be MEC Chairs of their Respective Committees. Their base is in parentheses.

  • Air Safety, Health and Security (ASHS) – Ayse May (JFK)
  • Reserve – Lauren Perry (MSP)
  • Government Affairs – Paula Jacobson (JFK)
  • Health & Benefits – Tanya Frank (DTW)
  • Scheduling – Jean Machak (DTW)
  • Hotel – Janet Sheets (DTW)
  • Education & Training – Flora Mainor (JFK)
  • Grievance – Oscar Ochomogo (DTW)
  • Uniform and Cabin Standards – Tanya Clarke (JFK)
  • Communications – Thomas Burton (MSP)
  • Membership – Ed Brylowski (DTW)
  • Jumpseat – Alex Parr (DTW)

We would like to thank all the Flight Attendants that put forward their names for consideration of the position. We encourage all Flight Attendants to get involved with a committee on the local level.

We would like to thank the incoming chairs and those chairs that have volunteered in the past. We appreciate your dedication to everyone. Due to the resignation of the ASHS and Scheduling Chairs, the incoming Chairs will begin immediately. Meeting minutes will be published soon.

Goodbye to one of our own

Goodbye to one of our own

Version 2It is with sadness that we report that Detroit Based Flight Attendant, Valerie (Val) Ely passed away today. Val began her career with Mesaba Airlines in May of 2001. She was based in Memphis originally and transferred to Detroit when Memphis closed. Valerie served as LECP in Memphis for many years and was involved in the original Mesaba bankruptcy. She was very helpful during the merger of Pinnacle and Mesaba. Anyone that knew Val knew that she loved her job, loved her family and was always there for you if you had a question or concern. This is always difficult when a member of our group passes away, remember that AFA EAP is always available at 1–800–424–2406. Please keep Val’s family in your thoughts today. We will share information about memorial services and expressions of sympathy once the family shares this information.

MEC Committee Chair Openings – Reminder

In accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws, the LEC Presidents are announcing the opening of MEC Committee Chair positions. The terms for the New MEC Committee Chair positions will run from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019.

Job Descriptions

You are invited to read the qualifications and duties for each position on our website, HERE.

To Apply

Members are invited to apply for any of these positions by sending a letter of interest and/or resume to info@edvafa.org. Include why you want the position, why you think you are a good candidate, and anything else you think might be helpful.

Applications will be accepted through November 28, 2016 at 1700CST/1800EST. The LEC Presidents will elect the MEC Committee Chairs.

Terms are January 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2019.

Reserve Arbitration Won

Reserve Release Arbitration Opinion and Award

This week AFA won our MEC Reserve Release Grievance (#36–99–02–20–15). Flight Attendants may remember that this Grievance involved the question of what Crew Scheduling may do with Reserves after they have completed a flying assignment. Back in July of last year Crew Scheduling began placing Reserves on Home Reserve after they had completed flying assignments. AFA’s position was always that Section 5.M.2.g. of our Contract did not provide the Company with that authority.

The System Board of Adjustment, with Margaret Brogan siting as the neutral arbitrator, heard this Grievance at an arbitration hearing back on April 21 of this year. The Opinion and Award of the System Board was completed this week. The System Board sustained our Grievance:

It is concluded that the Company violated the collective bargaining agreement by placing Reserve Flight Attendants on Home Reserve after completion of flying assignments in normal operations. By way of remedy, it is ordered that, going forward, that the Company cease and desist from placing reserve Flight Attendants on Home Reserve after the completion of a flying assignment, except in the case of an irregular operation, as provided by Section 5.I.5.b.

Flight Attendants may read the full Opinion and Award HERE.

The MEC is pleased that we were able to enforce our Reserve rules. With this Opinion and Award, Reserves should be aware of the following rules for release after flight assignments:

  1. You must still call Crew Scheduling after you have completed a flight assignment in order to be released (this has not changed).
  2. Crew Scheduling may either release you or hold you at the airport for up to one (1) hour for the purpose of assigning you additional flying which departs within three (3) hours of the arrival of your last flight (this has also not changed).
  3. However, as the System Board ruled, if you have not been assigned new flying after being held for one (1) hour Crew Scheduling must release you into rest – you may not be placed on Home Reserve. BUT, do not forget that when an IROP is declared Crew Scheduling still has the right to place you on Home Reserve after a flying assignment.
  4. In addition, do not forget that under our LOA 7 you are entitled to an automatic early release on the last day of a string of reserve days if you do not already have a flight assignment. Reserves on P1 are entitled to a release at 1400 on their last reserve day; Reserves on P2 are entitled to a release at 1900 on their last reserve day.

The protection and enforcement of our Contract is of utmost importance to your AFA MEC. We would like to thank the following people for their hard work on the arbitration of this Grievance: Oscar Ochomogo, Jason Ostrowski, Jatawne Wells, Lauren Perry, and Senior Staff Attorney, Peter Swanson.

Hurricane Mathew

Hurricane Mathew

We have many crew members and families that live in Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard. The National Weather Service is predicting Hurricane Mathew to hit Florida overnight Oct 7 around 2am EST. Please heed all warnings to evacuate if instructed to do so. If you are unable to commute to work, please let the company know as soon as possible. If you are unable to get to your home that is in the path of the hurricane, contact Crew Scheduling about the possibility of a hotel room. They are not guaranteeing rooms, but may be able to help.

Many airports that we service have canceled flights through Saturday morning. The path of this hurricane could change these schedules. This is a powerful storm and once it makes a hit against the Florida coast and starts up the eastern seaboard, it is possible it will bounce back off into the Atlantic turn back to make landfall in Florida again.

Please utilize the AFA Hotline 855–433–8232 if you may need additional assistance. You can contact your Local Presidents, MEC Officers and EAP assistance through this number.

If you are in the path of this storm, let your family and friends know you are okay as soon as possible. Keep in touch with Crew Scheduling if your to continue to miss work. More than anything, be safe!

In Solidarity ~

200% Premium Pay

200% Premium Pay

A crew trac message was posted on September 30 that stated that all Pilots and Flight Attendants would be paid 200% for all flying picked up Friday Sept 30 through Sunday Oct 2. Your AFA MEC reached out to management because Flight Attendants were reporting that Crew Scheduling was telling them that the Crew Trac message did not apply to Flight Attendants. We informed the company of this and we received confirmation today, although this was a mistake, all Flight Attendants that picked up flying this weekend will be paid 200% including any previous pickups. The company will be sending out an email confirming this.