MEC Meeting October 11 & 12

The Endeavor Air MEC will be having a 2 day meeting in Minneapolis on October 11 & 12. This is our normal MEC Meeting. We are pleased that International President Sara Nelson and International Vice President Debora Sutor will be here for a Strategic Planning session on October 11.

Note: October 11 is a closed session, however October 12 is an open session for all members in good standing.

The MEC Meeting will take place at the following hotel:

La Quinta Inn & Suites

Address: 5151 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55437
Phone: (952) 830–1300

An airport shuttle is available for anyone that would like to attend.

You can view the agenda here.

MEC Meeting October 11 & 12

The Endeavor Air MEC will be having a 2 day meeting in Minneapolis on October 11 & 12. The first day will be a closed Strategic Planning Meeting with International President Sara Nelson and International Vice President Debora Sutor.  The second day will be normal MEC business and all members in good standing are invited to attend. The meeting will be tentatively from 9 – 5 each day. The location is still be worked on and we will notify you as soon as it is finalized.

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Flight Attendants Helping Flight Attendants

The Disaster Relief Fund provides a means for AFA members to assist other members and retirees who have suffered significant damage to their primary residence and/or faced relocation as a result of a disaster.  Since its beginning in the fall of 2001, the AFA Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) has provided financial support in the aftermath of many large-scale disasters including the September 11th terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and other natural and/or man-made disasters.

AFA is committed to ensuring funds are available when the need arises so we are raising funds so that we may help more members in need.  AmazonSmile has been selected as a simple and automatic way to raise funds for our cause.  When you shop at – Amazon donates a portion of the sale to the DRF.

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Section 6 Negotiations Committee

Your Endeavor AFA MEC is seeking two Flight Attendants who are interested in serving as members of the Negotiations Committee for our upcoming Section 6 negotiations. This committee is made up of two Flight Attendants, the MEC President assisted by the AFA Staff Negotiator and/or AFA Staff Attorney. This committee will meet with management regularly for the purpose of Section 6 negotiations.

If you think you are interested ask yourself:

  1. Am I a member in good standing?
  2. Am I familiar with Union policy and am I up to date on industry developments?
  3. Am I a good at focusing on the big picture and still paying attention to details?
  4. Am I an active listener?
  5. Do my peers see me as someone who can maintain confidences?
  6. Do I understand the challenges and concerns of all my peers?
  7. Do I have a good communication style?

If you answered yes to these questions and you are interested in serving on the Negotiations Committee, please submit your letter of interest and resume to Make sure you include your Name, Base, Employee Number, Phone number as part of your letter of interest.

As a member of the committee, you will be required to attend negotiations training with our International Staff. This training will be likely to occur the last part of October or early November. The committee will also meet in order to create a survey of important items to be sent to the Endeavor Air Flight Attendants as preparation for negotiations.

The deadline for applying is October 1, 2017 at 1200CST. The MEC may also conduct phone interviews to complete the process.

Thank you for your interest.

New MEC Committee Chairs

The Endeavor Air MEC is pleased to announce the following Flight Attendants have been selected as MEC Committee Chairs:

Hotel Chair – Ellie Zenner LGA Based Flight Attendant (

Uniform and Cabin Standards Co-Chair – Tim Evenson MSP Based Flight Attendant (

We are pleased that they have stepped up to volunteer for 2 very important committees. Please take the time to congratulate them when you see them on the line.

CRJ 900 Bid Position Update (FAM Revision 17-01)

A few weeks ago we settled our Seniority Bid Position Grievance, and on May 26 both AFA and Inflight reported to Flight Attendants that the FAM would be changed starting in June to allow Flight Attendants to use their seniority to bid their position on the CRJ900. However, the FAM revision that was issued is confusing, and implies that seniority cannot be utilized for bidding positions unless both Flight Attendants are in agreement. This is not the meaning of the settlement.

AFA has raised this issue with management, and there is agreement that the revised FAM language needs to be changed to eliminate the suggestion that both Flight Attendants need to agree in order for the more-senior Flight Attendant to exercise his/her seniority to bid a position. Unfortunately, changing the FAM cannot be an immediate process. We hope to update Flight Attendants soon on when the change will occur.

What’s Happening at Endeavor AFA – May

May 1 – Pairing construction
A conference call was held with AFA scheduling chair, Jean Machek and planning to go over the ATL base, what flying will look like for the base opening as well as flying in MSP, DTW and NY. This is done in conjunction with planning so the Flight Attendants have more input into what they wish to see in the final lines.

May 2 – MEC Officers meet with John Daly, Jay Furnish and Patty Allen
This was a regular quarterly meeting. We discussed the timeline of communications regarding the ATL base information and more what the ATL flying would look like. ATL flying is referred to “spoke flying”…in and out of ATL. We also discussed the projected hiring for the remainder or 2017, which is a positive growth for EDV.

May 2 – MEC Officers lunch with Patty Allen and Nikole Meilke
MEC Officers met with Inflight for our first lunch meeting. This was a less formal, less working type of meeting. Focused on relationship building. It was a very relaxed and easy meeting. We look forward to the next lunch.

May 4 – MEC Meeting MSP 9–5
May 5 – MEC chair Meeting 9–5
These meetings were open for all members in good standing to attend. Day one was focused on MEC business and an agenda covering normal business. ATL base representation was voted on and DTW leadership will be covering ATL base. Day two was focused on our MEC Chairs. Each chair in attendance was given the opportunity to provide an update to the MEC of the activities in their committee and goals they have for the next fiscal year. Read more about the agenda [HERE].

May 5 – Pairing solutions
AFA Scheduling committee met with the company to discuss and work through the pairings scenarios and what they will look like for June schedules.

May 9 – ERC/ASAP
Normal scheduled meeting to discuss ASAP and Fatigue reports submitted and received by Flight Attendants.

May 10 – Labor Management/Sched Rsv/Greivance Meetings
Some agenda topics were ATL base update and scheduled a day to visit the base. FLICA clarifications, clarification on time balancing and reserve assignments

May 11–15 – PBS crew room
AFA scheduling committee in each base to help Flight Attendants with bidding

May 17 – Crew Notification Meeting
AFA and Scheduling still working on some new implementations

May 22 – New Hire Orientation/PBS training
AFA new hire presentation and new hire PBS training. Approx 12 Flight Attendants were in the new hire class and all will be based in NY.

May 23 – ERC/ASAP
Normal scheduled meeting to discuss ASAP and Fatigue reports submitted by Flight Attendant’s in the past few weeks.

May 24 – ATL base visit
MECP and Local 46 President visited the ATL temporary crew room and the temporary admin office at B 29. We did the full transition from the temp crew room to the admin office to get an idea of the time involved. Atlanta Renaissance Concourse Hotel did a great job of providing comfortable sleep room and temporary crew room.

May 31 – Mediation
Mediation is to cover several grievances, all these grievances are for terminations.

What’s Happening at Endeavor Air AFA – April

This Spring has proven to be busy for the MEC. It seems many annual meetings are held this time of year as well as the amount of work involved in getting the Atlanta Base up and running.

April 3 – Pairing Construction Meeting; AFA Scheduling Committee met with the company to discuss the construction of lines for May 2017. ATL was a topic of discussion as the flying is brand new.

April 6 – Executive Board Call; MECP joined the call and some topics discussed are, New Council for new AFA carriers Virgin America and Norwegian Cabin Crew. Human Trafficking training and what our carrier is doing for this training. Capital Hill updates on Open Skies and Fight for 10 hrs of rest.

April 7 – Pairing Solutions Meeting; Scheduling Committee meets to see the final runs for May lines. Typically 5 solutions are offered and the selection is based on a number of factors.

April 10 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; Committee chair discussions, Annual Board of Directors discussion and up coming meetings for BOD.

April 11 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; MEC President and MEC Vice President joined the ERC/ASAP group at their normally scheduled meeting to how the program works and how meetings are conducted.

April 12 – Labor Management/Sched/Rsv Meeting; ATL base update June 1 opening. SIDA required for ATL crew and AFA base visit. Recent IROPS and wait times for hotels. New Uniform update from Nikole and the Uniform Compliance push for Flight Attendants to be compliant. On The Fly cards, will be given to Flight Attendants as compliments while on board. These cards are distributed by any member of management (Directors and higher).

April 12 – Grievance Hearing – Monthly Grievance Hearing

April 17 – Crew Scheduling Meeting; Crew Scheduling is working with AFA and ALPA on new project. Details to be shared down the road

April 18–19 – Info Share in PIT – MECP attended, along with MEC ASHS Chair & ERC Primary at this yearly meeting. This conference is a year in review of the ASAP and Fatigue Risk Management programs.

April 24 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; MEC discussed pax handling based on recent events. ATL base update, final details of MEC/MEC Chair meeting on May 4 & 5 in MSP.

April 25 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; bi monthly Meeting

Address Change, Payroll & More

  • Address Change
  • Payroll Code – WASH
  • Atlanta Vacancy Bid
  • Remember to Check In
  • Diversity Training LMS

Address Change

It is the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to ensure that you have provided Endeavor Air Human Resources and AFA your most current address. This is especially important if you have been out on a medical leave or any extended period of time. Should the company send a meeting request to an old address, you are still responsible for attending the meeting.

If you are not sure what address is on file, change your address with Endeavor Air by going to the HR page on the Endeavor Intranet. Scroll to the bottom and click on Self Service. Change your address there.

If you are not sure if AFA has your most current address, you can change your address by going to Go to the Departments tab and select Membership Services. Scroll down and click on the link to change your address.

Remember it is your responsibility to make sure that Endeavor Air and AFA has your correct/current address.

Payroll Code – WASH

We have received some questions about a new code that is showing up on Flight Attendant pay stubs. The code is WASH. This code will appear if you have redeemed any points on the Endeavor Elite program or won a vacation. This code appears in the deductions portion. It adds the amount of the prize, taxes it at your normal rate and then deducts it because you have already received the amount of the prize. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Officers.

Atlanta Vacancy Bid

On May 10, 2017 Flight Attendant Permanent Bid 17–03 was released. This bid adds 20 Flight Attendant positions in ATL. Please remember that if you have changed your mind about your preference, you should go in and update your bid. If you don’t remember your last bid preferences, go in and rebid for your current base if that is what you would like. It is a good idea to ensure your permanent bid is up to date and accurate. The Bid closes on May 17, 2017 at 1200 CT. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Officers.

Remember to Check In

Your MEC Officers met with management on Wednesday and they expressed some concern about Flight Attendants not checking in for assignments. All Flight Attendants must check in prior to report time. We wanted to review the procedure for checking in for any assignment.

Check in Procedures:

  • Line Holders – Line Holders must check in via Crew Voice, Crew Trac or calling Crew Scheduling. This must be done up to 4 hours prior to report time.
  • Reserves – Once notified of an assignment, you MUST check in up to 4 hours prior to report time. If you are notified of an assignment within this 4 hour time frame, ensure that you ask Crew Scheduling to check you in. If you are assigned Airport Ready Reserve you must ALSO check in via a company computer once you arrive for your Airport Ready Reserve assignment.

Diversity Training LMS

Read and Sign Memo 17-073 was released that requires Diversity Training. This LMS is mandatory and needs to be completed by June 5, 2017. The training shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes and you will be paid for 20 mins. If you have any questions, please refer to the memo.

MEC Meeting Update

Your AFA MEC met on Thursday May 4 & Friday May 5 in Minneapolis to discuss many items that affect Endeavor Flight Attendants. The MEC was joined by the majority of the MEC committee chairs on Friday to discuss items of concern for their committees and to discuss the work that they have done over the last year. This meeting is one of two in person meetings required. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Atlanta Leadership – Discussion on what current council would provide leadership to the new base. A vote was taken and Council 46 was elected to be the council for Atlanta.
  • Atlanta Base information – Much information was shared and discussed about our new base.
  • Our Staff Attorney was present and discussion was made about several items in a closed session. They included arbitrations etc.
  • MEC Officers, LEC Presidents and Committee chairs gave reports on their work.

We appreciate the work of all of our volunteer chairs and their commitment to work on behalf of all Endeavor Air Flight Attendants. We were pleased to see some guests come for the meeting.

You can review the Meeting Minutes HERE.