ASAP Roadshows

ASAP Roadshow’s coming to all bases starting in April.
AFA Endeavor Air Safety, Health, & Security is pleased to announce that there will be ASAP Roadshows at all of our bases.  First on our list will be LGA on April 5, 2017 and JFK on April 6, 2017.  We will have the ASAP ERC Representatives from Inflight Management, the FAA, and the AFA available in the crew rooms. Our goal is to  provide you with a better understanding of what the ASAP program is and how important it is to file these reports. We will explain the differences between filing an ASAP and a Flight Incident Report (FIR) and we will have a quick guide to ASAP available that includes definitions used in Safety reports. We will also be including information in regards to Fatigue Risk Management. If you have questions about the roadshow or about ASAP, please contact one of the AFA ASAP ERC members: Beth Wendroth ( or Elizabeth Mullins (
As the date gets closer we will provide more information.