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The reserve assignment process in LOA 6 is basically a complete re-do of how reserves are assigned and utilized today. It is complex and we want to get it right. Getting it right means all programming and training is checked and rechecked prior to roll out. The Company and AFA will work hand and hand on testing and training. We will dedicate a future communication solely to the changes we will be implementing.

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Yes, absent FAR legalities and reserve thresholds when applicable, the 65 and 50 hour constraints on minimum hours have been removed. However, it is important you stay at 6 days worked in a bid month to maintain pass travel in the next month and if you carry any insurance coverage through EDV you will need to either have a enough hours to cover your deductions or carefully follow the payment scheduled outlined in the recent communication.

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In this example the Company takes all it can on for example your 16th paycheck. On your next check on the 1st if you can cover the $5 shortage you are now whole. If you cannot cover this shortage with your 1st check then you will be sent an invoice and you will have until 30 days from date of invoice. During this period you DO NOT lose your insurance coverage.

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To maintain pass travel for the following month you must work a minimum of 6 work days in a month. The ONLY days that do not count as days worked are days lost via trip drops and sick days when you do not have enough sick time to cover the absence. You have a 2 days trip worth 8 hour, 4 hours per day. Prior to departure you call in sick for the entire trip. You have 2 hours in your sick bank. You would get credit for one day worked in this example.

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A CDO standing alone will count as 2 days- so if you drop this type of CDO you have deducted 2 days from your days worked total. A CDO that is part of a string or span of CDOs will count as having dropped 1 day from your total of days worked.

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Working with the Company, AFA believes they reached a fair agreement for those Flight Attendants who work pure CDOs lines so that they can get full benefit of the new drop rules and be paid appropriately when dropping this type of flying. There are examples in the recent E-LINE with more specific information to come in a future E-LINE.

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As outlined in previous communications, all days worked EXCEPT days lost due to trip drops and sick days with zero hours in your sick bank do not count. That means approved FMLA, both paid and unpaid, count as days worked.

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Technology advances every day so it could be possible.

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If your line has a stand-alone CDO pairing and you drop that CDO, that is 2 FEWER days worked. If you drop a CDO that is part of a string or sequence of CDOs, and you drop one CDO from that sequence, that is 1 FEWER day worked.

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Membership Information

The Endeavor contract Section 21 contains an Agency Shop provision requiring Flight Attendants to become a member of the Union or pay to the Union a monthly service charge for benefits and administration of the agreement. The monthly service charge will be equal to the Union’s regular monthly dues. All Flight Attendants, whether a member or non-member, can be placed in Bad Standing for non-payment of monthly dues/services charges.

YES – Every Flight Attendant owes dues for the first three months (90 days) of any unpaid leave of absence except military and involuntary furlough.
NOTE: AFA-CWA does not consider the leave status to be effective until such time that you are no longer receiving sick bank and/or vacation. In other words, at the time you enter the non-pay status, the 90-day financial obligation for dues while on leave begins.

YES, if you are on a leave of absence or furlough and experiencing a financial hardship, you may be eligible for a dues deferral. Dues deferrals are granted through your Local Council President ONLY. Once approved, your dues will be deferred until you return to active status. Your obligation to pay dues is not eliminated or waived, it is simply deferred until such time as you return to work and are once again receiving income.

NO. The AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws state: Article XI A.6. “Payment of dues shall be required of all members that are on active status during a month or any portion thereof. There is no provision to “waive” or “forgive” dues.”

YES and NO. The first thing to do is go back and review your paycheck to see if in fact the dues were deducted. If not, there could be several different explanations. The Company is responsible for taking the dues out of your check, not AFA. This means, the Company could have made a mistake.

Another explanation could be that you flew low time and/or dropped trips. Since Union dues are the last thing to be deducted from your paycheck, there may not have been enough monies left, after your other deductions, to cover the amount of the union dues obligation.

Lastly, remember that if you were on any kind of unpaid leave, there would be no paycheck from which the dues could be deducted.

The AFA Membership Services Department is here to help. We have trained staff available to answer any questions you may have. Information you provide may help to clear up any issues or concerns. For any discrepancy that you think may exist, call AFA Membership Services at; 800–424–2401 and press #7 to speak with a member of AFA staff.

It is important to remember that AFA only knows that we have not received dues from you (for whatever reason). In the vast majority of cases, the billing amount is correct however, it is often times the information we don’t have that contributes to discrepancies in the accounts.

What AFA does NOT know is whether you are a flight attendant who is actively flying and refusing to pay, a flight attendant on some type of leave, a flight attendant who may have left the company or, there was some kind of payroll error at the airline. This is why it important to make one simple call to Membership Services.

YES, AFA offers Flight Attendants with past due accounts the ability to set up a payment plan that will keep the member in good standing while making payments. This is referred to as a promissory agreement.

Please contact the AFA Membership Services Department to set up a promissory agreement at 800–424–2401 EXT. 707

• The flight attendant must be on Dues Check Off (payroll deduction).
• All payments must be made directly to AFA, this amount will NOT be deducted from your paycheck.
• The signed agreement must be returned to the AFA International Office by the date given on the letter along with the first payment.
• A payment must be made each month. You will not receive a statement for this amount.
• If a flight attendant defaults on the agreement, the total amount will be due. A second promissory agreement will not be offered for the same past due amount.
• Invoices will not be sent that reflect the payment plan.

The simple answer is no. Keep in mind that AFA does not deduct your dues, your company deducts the dues. They then send the money and dues information to AFA for processing. Each of AFA’s contracts state that only the current month’s dues will be deducted.

Yes. In accordance with the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws every flight attendant on a leave of absence owes dues for the first three (3) months of their leave of absence AFTER their compensation from their airline ends. Those flight attendants on a military leave or involuntary furlough do not owe this amount.
This is part of the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws: “Article XI A.6. Payment of dues shall be required of all members that are on active status during a month or any portion thereof. After the first ninety (90) days of removal from service and no longer receiving compensation through a carrier for disability leave, payment of dues shall not be required.”   The Constitution and Bylaws is written and approved by the AFA Board of Directors which consists of all LEC Presidents, including yours.

Open Time Manager

When you enter a trade, drop, swap or pick up in to FLICA, with no conflicts, you will get a response to your request within minutes. This could be affected if a request ahead of yours is held due to a conflict. Crew Scheduling will clear these held requests within 48 hours.

FLICA as it exists today cannot process partial requests on a real time basis. This is true for the Pilots, as well. However, in LOA 6 there is an agreement to review the 48 hour window for processing partials after we have 12 months of experience and data. Because FLICA is such a positive work tool for all other schedule adjustments, AFA and the Company agreed that a compromise on partials was a far better alternative than refusing electronic trading all together or doing away with partials. Pilots faced the same compromise, and they must wait up to 72 hours for their partials to be processed. It is also important to note that partial trades between Flight Attendants will not be affected by FLICA’s processing of whole trades. This means that a whole trade, which will be processed in near real time, may be processed before a partial trade.

The present process used for Jetway Trades will not change or be part of the OTM. While you will enter requests for partial transactions in to OTM they will be processed via a manual procedure.

Yes. One of the enhancements offered is the ability to pick up a whole trip that may be in open time any time after the present 48 hour restraint.

The Company may eventually find that less than 48 hours is needed for processing partial transactions. The amount of partial trades requested will be a factor. Data on volume and time will be reviewed after the system is up and running.


This feature will allow you to see all reserve assignments and the relevant statistics for each reserve on call. This data will allow you to understand your assignment and the assignment of others on call. It will also improve the ability to research your questions and concerns as they may relate to a particular assignment or lack thereof. This is the same information that Crew Scheduling will be using to make reserve assignments. To put it simply, reserve assignments will be visible so you can make the choices that best support your needs.

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