Equal Rest for Flight Attendants: Call Your Senators NOW

The Senate is drafting their version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill and we need them to make combating Flight Attendant fatigue a top priority.

Tell Senators to include our 10 hours minimum rest provision along with a Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) in the base bill.

Call your Senator TODAY at 855-534-1774 and tell them Flight Attendants need 10 hours minimum rest and not a minute less!

Congressional fatigue studies confirm we need more rest. This is about safety, health and equality – the flight deck has 10 hours minimum rest and so should we!

Call your Senator TODAY at 855-534-1774Calling is easy: When you dial the number, you will automatically be connected to one of your Senator’s offices after a brief message. It may take several attempts to reach both your Senators, so keep calling!

Here’s what you can say when you are connected:

 “I’m your constituent and a Flight Attendant. Studies show I can become fatigued at work. I’m calling to urge the Commerce Committee to include 10-hour, non-reducible minimum rest for Flight Attendants and a Fatigue Risk Management Plan in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Thank you.”

For more information on our #Fightfor10 Campaign visit afacwa.org.

You can also find more information on https://edvafa.org/government-affairs/

CRJ 900 Bid Position Update (FAM Revision 17-01)

A few weeks ago we settled our Seniority Bid Position Grievance, and on May 26 both AFA and Inflight reported to Flight Attendants that the FAM would be changed starting in June to allow Flight Attendants to use their seniority to bid their position on the CRJ900. However, the FAM revision that was issued is confusing, and implies that seniority cannot be utilized for bidding positions unless both Flight Attendants are in agreement. This is not the meaning of the settlement.

AFA has raised this issue with management, and there is agreement that the revised FAM language needs to be changed to eliminate the suggestion that both Flight Attendants need to agree in order for the more-senior Flight Attendant to exercise his/her seniority to bid a position. Unfortunately, changing the FAM cannot be an immediate process. We hope to update Flight Attendants soon on when the change will occur.

What’s Happening at Endeavor AFA – May

May 1 – Pairing construction
A conference call was held with AFA scheduling chair, Jean Machek and planning to go over the ATL base, what flying will look like for the base opening as well as flying in MSP, DTW and NY. This is done in conjunction with planning so the Flight Attendants have more input into what they wish to see in the final lines.

May 2 – MEC Officers meet with John Daly, Jay Furnish and Patty Allen
This was a regular quarterly meeting. We discussed the timeline of communications regarding the ATL base information and more what the ATL flying would look like. ATL flying is referred to “spoke flying”…in and out of ATL. We also discussed the projected hiring for the remainder or 2017, which is a positive growth for EDV.

May 2 – MEC Officers lunch with Patty Allen and Nikole Meilke
MEC Officers met with Inflight for our first lunch meeting. This was a less formal, less working type of meeting. Focused on relationship building. It was a very relaxed and easy meeting. We look forward to the next lunch.

May 4 – MEC Meeting MSP 9–5
May 5 – MEC chair Meeting 9–5
These meetings were open for all members in good standing to attend. Day one was focused on MEC business and an agenda covering normal business. ATL base representation was voted on and DTW leadership will be covering ATL base. Day two was focused on our MEC Chairs. Each chair in attendance was given the opportunity to provide an update to the MEC of the activities in their committee and goals they have for the next fiscal year. Read more about the agenda [HERE].

May 5 – Pairing solutions
AFA Scheduling committee met with the company to discuss and work through the pairings scenarios and what they will look like for June schedules.

May 9 – ERC/ASAP
Normal scheduled meeting to discuss ASAP and Fatigue reports submitted and received by Flight Attendants.

May 10 – Labor Management/Sched Rsv/Greivance Meetings
Some agenda topics were ATL base update and scheduled a day to visit the base. FLICA clarifications, clarification on time balancing and reserve assignments

May 11–15 – PBS crew room
AFA scheduling committee in each base to help Flight Attendants with bidding

May 17 – Crew Notification Meeting
AFA and Scheduling still working on some new implementations

May 22 – New Hire Orientation/PBS training
AFA new hire presentation and new hire PBS training. Approx 12 Flight Attendants were in the new hire class and all will be based in NY.

May 23 – ERC/ASAP
Normal scheduled meeting to discuss ASAP and Fatigue reports submitted by Flight Attendant’s in the past few weeks.

May 24 – ATL base visit
MECP and Local 46 President visited the ATL temporary crew room and the temporary admin office at B 29. We did the full transition from the temp crew room to the admin office to get an idea of the time involved. Atlanta Renaissance Concourse Hotel did a great job of providing comfortable sleep room and temporary crew room.

May 31 – Mediation
Mediation is to cover several grievances, all these grievances are for terminations.