Safety Procedures and More

  • AFA is committed to Endeavor being the safest airline!
  • Flight Attendant Injuries Landing and Deplaning Procedures
  • Safety Demo Equipment
  • Security Before You Leave Aircraft
  • ASAP Roadshow MSP

AFA is committed to Endeavor being the safest airline!

Your union is committed to fostering a safe environment while flying and informing you of safety concerns for the purpose of correct guidance. Also as a reminder we are into warmer months, so remember those summer announcements for window shades and air graspers and stay hydrated.

Flight Attendant Injuries Landing and Deplaning Procedures

There has been some questions about what happens when a Flight Attendant is injured and plane returns to gate or flight gets diverted for a emergency landing. These procedures are outlined in your FAM beginning on page 8–2 and gives procedures for both the 200 and the 900. Important things to remember

  1. Do Not Sit Incapacitated Flight Attendant in Jumpseat if they are unable to act in an Emergency. Relocate them to nearest seat and secure them in the seat. If no vacant seats move ABP to AFT Flight Attendant Seat and put the FA in the ABP’s seat. Briefpassenger on seatbelt and harness operation.
  2. Once aircraft if parked the incapacitated Flight Attendant is removed, prior to passenger deplaning, if necessary.

Safety Demo Equipment

Page 3–33 of your FAM gives you location of where safety Demo Equipment is to be stored. There are no alternative locations on the 900 aircraft. All Demo Equipment is to be stored in Compartment #301 located in the galley. It is not to be stored in the overhead bins in First Class.

Several reason why:

  1. It is a FAR to use those bins for Demo Equipment
  2. In event of emergency per our procedure you go to proper storage place to retrieve Demo Equipment.
  3. Crew coming in behind you will look in proper location for Equipment during their pre-flight and it should be in that correct location not in overhead bins.

Security Check

Page 3–18 in FAM states to conduct a security check prior to leaving aircraft which includes to check overhead bins for suspicious articles or lost articles. This requires the opening of the bins to check them as well as the small bins in First Class and lavatory should be check prior to leaving aircraft.

ASAP Roadshow

The members of your ASAP ERC will be available in MSP crew room on June 5 to answer any questions about how the ASAP program works and how it benefits you the Flight Attendant to provide your input into this program. Booklets outlining the ASAP program and the Fatigue program will be available along with some goodies. All are welcome if you are based there or just flying through.

Sick Time and CDOs

Last week your AFA MEC filed a Grievance over how the company is charging sick time for CDO lineholders. For those Flight Attendants who bid a CDO line it is important that you understand how the company pays and deducts sick time.

For the majority of CDO lineholder sick calls the company has been paying sick time correctly. The exception is trips picked up from open time. In that instance, when a CDO lineholder calls in sick for an open time trip (assume he/she has sick time), the Company is not paying sick hours above adjusted guarantee and the CDO lineholder’s sick bank is charged for the value of the trip.

As an example, Flight Attendant Sally is awarded a CDO line with 55 block hours (her guarantee is 75). She drops one of the CDO trips worth 4 hours credit hours and a proration 5.45 credit hours, making her adjusted guarantee 69.55 hours. She then adds another CDO from open time, also worth 4 credit hours and 5.45 proration credit. Her block hours are back up to 55 and her guarantee is back at 75. If Sally calls in sick for the open time trip she added, her guarantee is deducted 5.45 hours and her sick back is charged for the 4 hours (which she was never paid). She ends the month with 69.55 hours and 4 hours less in her sick bank.

On May 12, 2017, the MEC filed Grievance #36–099–02–018–17 for this violation of our sick time provisions and our Letter of Agreement 6. Most emphatically, no Flight Attendant’s sick bank should be charged for sick time if they were not paid for it!

Until the Grievance is resolved, CDO lineholders need to be aware that the Company will continue to short them for sick calls from open time trips. CDO lineholders may shy away from picking up open time trips. Trips that are traded from other Flight Attendants will still be paid correctly – just not trips that come directly from open time. Therefore, it is a safer option to pick up trips from fellow Flight Attendants versus open time.

We will keep members updated on the status of this Grievance. In the meantime, if any CDO lineholders experience sick call problems with open time trips, please inform your Local Council or the MEC.

What’s Happening at Endeavor Air AFA – April

This Spring has proven to be busy for the MEC. It seems many annual meetings are held this time of year as well as the amount of work involved in getting the Atlanta Base up and running.

April 3 – Pairing Construction Meeting; AFA Scheduling Committee met with the company to discuss the construction of lines for May 2017. ATL was a topic of discussion as the flying is brand new.

April 6 – Executive Board Call; MECP joined the call and some topics discussed are, New Council for new AFA carriers Virgin America and Norwegian Cabin Crew. Human Trafficking training and what our carrier is doing for this training. Capital Hill updates on Open Skies and Fight for 10 hrs of rest.

April 7 – Pairing Solutions Meeting; Scheduling Committee meets to see the final runs for May lines. Typically 5 solutions are offered and the selection is based on a number of factors.

April 10 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; Committee chair discussions, Annual Board of Directors discussion and up coming meetings for BOD.

April 11 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; MEC President and MEC Vice President joined the ERC/ASAP group at their normally scheduled meeting to how the program works and how meetings are conducted.

April 12 – Labor Management/Sched/Rsv Meeting; ATL base update June 1 opening. SIDA required for ATL crew and AFA base visit. Recent IROPS and wait times for hotels. New Uniform update from Nikole and the Uniform Compliance push for Flight Attendants to be compliant. On The Fly cards, will be given to Flight Attendants as compliments while on board. These cards are distributed by any member of management (Directors and higher).

April 12 – Grievance Hearing – Monthly Grievance Hearing

April 17 – Crew Scheduling Meeting; Crew Scheduling is working with AFA and ALPA on new project. Details to be shared down the road

April 18–19 – Info Share in PIT – MECP attended, along with MEC ASHS Chair & ERC Primary at this yearly meeting. This conference is a year in review of the ASAP and Fatigue Risk Management programs.

April 24 – Bi-Weekly MEC Conference Call; MEC discussed pax handling based on recent events. ATL base update, final details of MEC/MEC Chair meeting on May 4 & 5 in MSP.

April 25 – ASAP/ERC Meeting; bi monthly Meeting

Address Change, Payroll & More

  • Address Change
  • Payroll Code – WASH
  • Atlanta Vacancy Bid
  • Remember to Check In
  • Diversity Training LMS

Address Change

It is the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to ensure that you have provided Endeavor Air Human Resources and AFA your most current address. This is especially important if you have been out on a medical leave or any extended period of time. Should the company send a meeting request to an old address, you are still responsible for attending the meeting.

If you are not sure what address is on file, change your address with Endeavor Air by going to the HR page on the Endeavor Intranet. Scroll to the bottom and click on Self Service. Change your address there.

If you are not sure if AFA has your most current address, you can change your address by going to Go to the Departments tab and select Membership Services. Scroll down and click on the link to change your address.

Remember it is your responsibility to make sure that Endeavor Air and AFA has your correct/current address.

Payroll Code – WASH

We have received some questions about a new code that is showing up on Flight Attendant pay stubs. The code is WASH. This code will appear if you have redeemed any points on the Endeavor Elite program or won a vacation. This code appears in the deductions portion. It adds the amount of the prize, taxes it at your normal rate and then deducts it because you have already received the amount of the prize. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Officers.

Atlanta Vacancy Bid

On May 10, 2017 Flight Attendant Permanent Bid 17–03 was released. This bid adds 20 Flight Attendant positions in ATL. Please remember that if you have changed your mind about your preference, you should go in and update your bid. If you don’t remember your last bid preferences, go in and rebid for your current base if that is what you would like. It is a good idea to ensure your permanent bid is up to date and accurate. The Bid closes on May 17, 2017 at 1200 CT. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Officers.

Remember to Check In

Your MEC Officers met with management on Wednesday and they expressed some concern about Flight Attendants not checking in for assignments. All Flight Attendants must check in prior to report time. We wanted to review the procedure for checking in for any assignment.

Check in Procedures:

  • Line Holders – Line Holders must check in via Crew Voice, Crew Trac or calling Crew Scheduling. This must be done up to 4 hours prior to report time.
  • Reserves – Once notified of an assignment, you MUST check in up to 4 hours prior to report time. If you are notified of an assignment within this 4 hour time frame, ensure that you ask Crew Scheduling to check you in. If you are assigned Airport Ready Reserve you must ALSO check in via a company computer once you arrive for your Airport Ready Reserve assignment.

Diversity Training LMS

Read and Sign Memo 17-073 was released that requires Diversity Training. This LMS is mandatory and needs to be completed by June 5, 2017. The training shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes and you will be paid for 20 mins. If you have any questions, please refer to the memo.

MEC Meeting Update

Your AFA MEC met on Thursday May 4 & Friday May 5 in Minneapolis to discuss many items that affect Endeavor Flight Attendants. The MEC was joined by the majority of the MEC committee chairs on Friday to discuss items of concern for their committees and to discuss the work that they have done over the last year. This meeting is one of two in person meetings required. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Atlanta Leadership – Discussion on what current council would provide leadership to the new base. A vote was taken and Council 46 was elected to be the council for Atlanta.
  • Atlanta Base information – Much information was shared and discussed about our new base.
  • Our Staff Attorney was present and discussion was made about several items in a closed session. They included arbitrations etc.
  • MEC Officers, LEC Presidents and Committee chairs gave reports on their work.

We appreciate the work of all of our volunteer chairs and their commitment to work on behalf of all Endeavor Air Flight Attendants. We were pleased to see some guests come for the meeting.

You can review the Meeting Minutes HERE.

Section 6 Contract Negotiations

The AFA MEC has received many questions from members about upcoming negotiations for a new contract. We want to give you some proposed timelines and provide some information on the process.

Our CBA is amendable on Dec 31, 2018. As part of our concessionary agreement we have the option to open negotiations early on Dec 31, 2017. How does this process work?

The AFA-CWA Constitution and By-laws provides for a Negotiations Committee that negotiates new contracts and reports directly to the Master Executive Council. The Negotiations Committee is composed of four (4) members: the MEC President, an AFA Staff Negotiator, and two other Endeavor Flight Attendants.

This summer AFA International will assign a Staff Negotiator for our coming negotiations. After our Staff Negotiator is assigned we will put out a call for all members in good standing interested in serving on the Negotiations Committee, likely August or September. Nominations will be open for at least two weeks. After nominations close the MEC will appoint two members to the Committee.

After the Negotiations Committee is fully in place, it will draft and release a survey to members asking what they would like to see in the new contact. After the survey is complete the Committee will begin working on an opening proposal for our first negotiations session, which will likely happen in January 2018.

We hope that this information will be helpful to you so that you have a better understanding of the process of Section 6 negotiations. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the MEC.