AFA Committees

As an AFA member, you have many resources available to you, including a multitude of committees! These committees are comprised of your peers, that have followed their personal interests into committee work. They welcome your questions and input. If you want to contact a committee, start with your Local Council. Of course the MEC (Master Executive Council) Chairs are available to you as well, but the AFA structure suggests that you first start at the local level.

Air Safety, Health, and Security

Elizabeth Mullins, Chair

Beth Wendroth, ASAP ERC Primary/Fatigue Review BoardĀ


Oscar Ochomogo, Chair


Jean Machak, Chair


Thomas Burton, Chair

Government Affairs

OPEN, Chair


Ellie Zenner, Chair

Uniform & Cabin Standards

Tanya Clarke, Co-Chair

Tim Evenson, Co-Chair


Alex Parr, Chair


Ed Brylowski, Chair